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Trump Praises Thug Leader Of Philippines For Murdering His People, Leaks That US Nuclear Submarines Near No. Korea

Trump is one ignorant trash, who supports and praises a man who is committing genocide on his own people much like Hussein, Hitler and Stalin.  This man cannot be allowed to be

Jury Selected In Disgraced Bill Cosby Sex Assault Case With Defense Desperately Focusing Attention On Racial Makeup

Bill Cosby has earned every bit of karma he’s about to receive.  The jury that will hear the sex assault case against Bill Cosby will include two blacks among its 12 members. 

After Disgraceful “Conspiracy” Episodes, Advertisers Begin To Pull Ads From Fox (Rape) News’ ‘Hannity’

I grew up in the South, a bible belt of hatred and racism and bigotry, a place filled with lies and secrets and bigots sitting in church pews. They accept any racist,

Hollywood Leading Man John Stamos Stands Defiant Against Terrorism Ahead Of Beach Boys Gig Near Manchester

The star has dedicated the next Beach Boys concert to the victims of the bombing.    Actor/musician John Stamos has shared a message of defiance with fans online after experiencing the aftermath of

Ariana Grande Cancels Tour Dates Through June 5 After Manchester Concert Attack

Ariana Grande has canceled her Dangerous Woman world tour dates through at least June 5 after the terror attack at her concert  in Manchester, England, on Monday, May 22. “Due to the tragic

DOJ Confirms After Lying About Meeting Russians, AG Jeff Sessions Did Not Include Info. On Security Clearance Application

Trump is a criminal and Jeff Sessions is a racist and criminal just as his boss is. These monsters all are in bed with Russians. Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not disclose

‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer For Season 7 Released At Last, And It’s EPIC, Winter Is Here! (VIDEO)

At long last HBO has released the Game of Thrones season 7, finally, at last! Daenerys the Mother of Dragons arrives home at Dragonstone Castle, determined to rule the Seven Kingdoms. But

Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled’ Well-Received In Cannes

Sofia Coppola has taken the EU fest by storm with her remake of “The Beguiled” to Cannes on Wednesday, putting Colin Farrell through the pleasures and pain that Clint Eastwood experienced in

‘The Voice’ Crowns Season 12 Winner

Season 12’s champion was crowned on The Voice tonight, but first, the show packed in a lineup of live performances from returning contestants, huge music stars and coaches Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani,

Universal Sets ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ for 2019, Also Adding Branding Service #DarkUniverse

Universal on Monday announced a date for Bride of Frankenstein and debuted the first photo of the stars it has assembled for its shared universe, the newly titled Dark Universe.  Bride of