AWARE Foundation Joins Search For N.C. Man Andy Sigmon, Who Has Been Missing, “Someone May Have Noticed Something,” Kenny Jarels (AWARE)

Nothing is more heartbreaking to a mother than the loss of her child or not knowing where they are.  Kenny Jarels and the AWARE Foundation haven’t given up on the idea that young  Andy Sigmon is still out there, possibly alive, but whatever happened to him, his family deserves to know just what it is.  Through tears, his heartbroken mother spoke to a local Fox affiliate (CH 46) in Newton, North Carolina. But this beautiful mother has enlisted the help of the AWARE Foundation, which works tirelessly to help find missing and exploited children, any missing person and oftentimes the elderly. With Americans and the world for that matter all so connected thanks to the Internet, no one should just disappear off the face of the earth. In fact, in most cases, someone knows something.  Many times authorities tell us, that people see something and don’t really even think that it’s important.  But it can be.  Maybe someone saw a car following the missing person, or someone pulled over needing help? Did you see the missing person even a day earlier acting a bit strange or perhaps with someone that you now can remember?  We should under no circumstances fail to report anything we know or may not even realize is important. Investigators just need citizens to be just that, citizens. Be responsible morally for someone else, report anything you may know, you never can guess, it could help solve a cold case.
“Over the past 8 months, my hope and my faith have been tested but thankfully I’ve been able to come to know that through my faith my hope is alive for my baby boy and I still hope and I still pray that he finds his way home,” Gail Sigmon told Fox 46 in North Carolina.

Gail Sigmon’s son Andy Sigmon has been missing since 2006.  He was spotted in a wooded area in Davie County and gone without a trace the next day. All sheriff’s deputies found was his empty Jeep along the side of the highway and no answers as to where he went or what happened.

“Every day it gets harder and harder. Yesterday, I needed to see his smile,” Sigmon, a very loving mother added.

“When someone goes missing, their families are not in the right frame of mind to deal with this trauma. That’s where we step in. We want to take a little of the leg work from them and we want to help. We have proven time and time again that if we can continue to keep it in the media that good things happen,” The Aware Foundation President Kenny Jarels told Fox 46 and frequently tell Highlight Hollywood.

So far The Aware Foundation has been credited for helping 50 missing person cases and they believe Andy’s case needs immediate attention because the leads and tips have just stopped.


“I feel that there is someone out there. Someone may have notice something that particular day when Andy went missing and at the time they said ‘you know it wasn’t important but now that I think about it there is something that seems peculiar, a little odd about the situation at the time.’ Those are the people we are trying to reach at right now,” Jarels said.


Andy may still be alive, he was young and very healthy when he was last seen. But even if he’s not, his family deserves closure.  Even if the person responsible for his being missing is out there, maybe reading this or watching your local news report.  It’s certain that Andy’s family and especially his mother Gail should hear from you, please help this family bring their son home.  It’s the most important thing anyone can do.


Mrs. Sigmon is praying to see her handsome son again. Photograph is Courtesy Hickory Daily Record


If you have any information on his whereabouts, you’re asked to call the Davie County Sheriff’s Office at (336) 751-6238.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AWARE
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