Disney Chief Bob Iger Says Hackers Claim to Have Stolen a Disney Movie

Michelle Obama And Disney CEO Robert Iger Hold News Conference On Disney's Nutritional Guidelines
Things have gone from bad to far worse.  Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed Monday that hackers claiming to have access to a Disney movie threatened to release it unless the studio paid a ransom. Iger didn’t disclose the name of the film, but said Disney is refusing to pay. The studio is working with federal investigators.


Iger’s comments came during a town hall meeting with ABC employees in New York City, according to multiple sources.


Disney’s upcoming theatrical release slate include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which opens Friday, and Cars 3, set to bow June 16. Rumors circulated online last week that a work print of Star Wars: The Last Jedi had been pirated and was being held for ransom, but days later online chatter tipped that rumor as a hoax. The studio had no comment.


The Disney chief said the hackers demanded that a huge sum be paid in Bitcoin. They said they would release five minutes of the film at first, and then in 20-minute chunks until their financial demands are met.

While movie piracy has long been a scourge, ransoms appear to be a new twist.



The FBI suggests paying the ransom.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Disney Studios
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