Missing For Over Three Years, Christopher Douthat Who Would Now Be 27 Has A Mother Who Is Never Giving Up On Her Son

Sadly in the U.S. some people go missing, and if they are an adult male, often times we don’t give them a great deal of attention. There’s a myth, “He did something that made this happen,” or “He doesn’t want to be found.”  Sure, sometimes that’s the case, but not in this case of a young man whose beautiful mother, neighbors and the community of Roanoke, Virginia, which will not give up until he’s home.  Over years ago, a young man disappeared from Roanoke, and to this very day, Christopher Douthat’s family continues to search for him with new hope, now that the AWARE Foundation is involved.  Director Kenny Jarels tells Highlight Hollywood, “We won’t give up on Christopher. His mother is one of the most amazing and kind people I have ever met.”
Young Douthat, who was very handsome, very well-liked in his community was last seen at Chaps Tavern in Roanoke and witnesses say he appeared to have left alone. The Aware Foundation held an event last fall for Douthat’s family to continue to spread the word about his disappearance.  But, they are not giving up on him, nor will his beautiful and devoted mother.
“I’m not gonna give up, we’re warriors, and we’ll never give out until the truth comes out. And I know in my heart that someone out here knows what has happened to him and they need to come forward, I need closure,” Christopher’s loving mother Mary Douthat has stated previously.
Vinton Police reported of at least one anonymous tip about Douthat’s dissapearance. Police want to talk with that person again. If that’s you, please call them at 540-562-3265. Please.  Try to put yourself in Mrs. Douthat’s place.  Whether you are involved, or if you just know the person responsible for Christopher being missing, call them, talk to someone, even consider going to an attorney and suggesting you want to remain anonymous, but on your behalf the lawyer can offer the police and detectives information to bring Chris home.  Someone is a hero out there, someone knows something and can help this family, which although they are smiling, their hearts are breaking every day.  Personally my mother goes stir crazy if she doesn’t talk to me three times a-day.  Most of us can say that.  Mary Douthat has never done anything to hurt anyone and she deserves to know where Chris is and what happened to him, she is owed that by all of us who can do any little thing to help this happen.

AWARE’s Hal Coleman, Lead Det. Searching for Christopher, His Mother Mary Douthat, Kenny Jarels and Volunteers

Chris is a wonderful young man, he would be nearly 28 now, he has brown hair and blue eyes, he’s around 6 feet tall and close to or around 170 pounds.  Maybe you’ve seen him, maybe you know what happened to him?  We all know that no one is perfect, and maybe the person involved in his disappearance is not aware of his being so loved by his mother, his family and the community.  Reach out to the authorities, even if you are in a different region of the Commonwealth of Virginia or any other state in the country. Perhaps you met him the day he went missing and just saw something that you think is unimportant, but could lead to detectives breaking this case wide open.
There is nothing you can ever do more important in your life than giving Chris’s mother closure or her son back to her.  She loves everyone in the community and she’s a forgiving and good Christian woman who just needs answers.

Kenny Jarel with AWARE Foundation along with Mother Mrs. Mary Douthat

Please do your part and thanks to the AWARE FOUNDATION for all they are doing to help Mrs. Douthat see Chris again.  You can learn more by going to the Facebook Page for Missing Christopher DouthatRemember, the police need your help to crack this case.  Be a hero for Christopher’s family. http://
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AWARE; WDBJ 7 Roanoke
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