Reports Claim UFO Flew By International Space Station, See (VIDEO)


A mysterious object appeared to have hovered past the International Space Station, according to new video footage from UFO researchers.   SecureTeam 10, who in recent days has posted videos about a supposed alien tank and a cigar shaped disc over Paris, claims that a disc-shaped object whizzed past the ISS “at a very high rate of speed.”


NASA, who did not respond specifically to the latest video, has often said that the objects are “distortions in a lens” and do not signify the presence of extraterrestrial life.



Tyler Glockner, the voice heard on the video from SecureTeam 10, said that the object in the video moved “as if it knew the camera was watching.”


Below is the video in its entirety:


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:   YouTube

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