‘This Is Us’ Star Milo Ventimiglia: Season 2 Premiere Will Have an “Answer” About Jack’s Death


There are likely two questions Milo Ventimiglia has heard the most in the last year: Who is the father of Rory’s baby on Gilmore Girls, and how did Jack die on This Is Us?  While the former looks to remain unresolved, at least for the immediate future, the actor promises some movement on the latter in the season premiere.


“[Creator Dan Fogelman] is going to give an answer, but it’s going to beg a lot more questions,” Ventimiglia told THR at the ATX Television Festival.


Questions have swirled about the Pearson family patriarch’s demise since it was first revealed in the fifth episode that he had died years before the present-day storyline. While fans seemed primed to finally learn what caused his death in the final two episodes of season one, the writers had another idea in mind. While Jack was seen in the penultimate episode driving drunk to talk to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) amid growing distance between them, he ultimately made it to her in one piece, but they had a huge fight. The season ended with Rebecca telling Jack to move out of the house and stay with Miguel for awhile.


“There needs to be some kind of resolution or conversation or a whole bridge to be built that got shattered at the end of last season,” said Ventimiglia. “There’s a lot of work to be done there.”

The finale, which also saw Jack take part in an intense poker game with some less-than-savory characters and nearly rob the same game after losing his hard-earned savings, will also influence the scope of season two.


“I think next season the show will get a little bigger,” he said. “By that I mean that there are going to be events in these people’s lives that involve things that take place outside of their family and in the world at large in a way that’s a little different. Everything that we did for the first year up until mostly the finale – it all stemmed from an internal life and then this internal life of all of these characters and how those internal lives interacted.


“And then in the finale, it was like, wait a minute, we’re introducing guys that are thugs, and we’re talking about having been vets in the Vietnam war. Those things, I think, are what make the show feel bigger. I think we’ll just continue to try to do them in a way that feels authentic and intimate.”


This Is Us returns Tuesdays this fall on NBC.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  NBC
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