48 Hours After Firing Kay Alden, Sally Sussman Is Out, And Not Retiring Despite Tabloid Report

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“The Young and the Restless” will now be helmed by a Mal Young, who has never written for an American soap opera in his career, much less Bill Bell’s soap.  On Friday Highlight Hollywood exclusively reported that Kay Alden was fired by Sally Sussman and Sony, and that Sussman ‘wanted’ her son to be hired. We did not report that she had hired him despite a tabloid report on a site run by a Burger King employee who blogs part time after work, and isn’t even in Los Angeles.  48 hours later, Sony and CBS ended Sussman’s contract and now she’s out as well.    No one is stupid enough to believe a part-time soap blogger that two women retired, one of which isn’t old enough to retire and neither of which has  given a statement or interview about retirement. Don’t buy lies made up by people who aren’t in this industry or even in this town. yr_cast_photo_header
“Sally hired her son against CBS’s orders as a script writer to get him in the door and Sony and CBS were furious,” a source close to Sony’s Steve Kent tells us.  “Ms. Alden most certainly did not wish to leave and amazingly two days later nor does Sally, but they are both gone.”
A source close to CBS chief Les Moonves confirmed, “Sally Sussman hadn’t a clue that she would be gone today. Not sure where the retirement rumor was started, but it’s just that, a rumor.” 
Added another Sony source, “The show is in disarray right now.  I’m not even sure Mal [Young] is WGA.  It’s a mess.”Where are the statements, the cakes and retirement parties? Stay tuned.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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