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EXCLUSIVE, ‘Happy Days’ Star Anson Williams Has A New Passion, Alert Drops Is The Answer For The Epidemic Of ‘Drowsy Driving’

So, how is it a man who starred in one of television’s most iconic series (“Happy Days”) could be saving countless lives?  Anson Williams is beloved and well-known around the world Potsie Weber, one of the cool teenagers who hung around the Cunningham home.  The handsome and talented actor has a greater mission today, one that I told him recently affects me as well.  How many of us are “drowsy driving?” Be honest, how many of us are running errands, running to meetings, working late, not getting proper rest and yet getting behind-the-wheel of a vehicle and hoping to get to our destination unharmed and praying we don’t also harm others?Anson Header Pix

Anson was guilty of this himself, we all are. But soon he had an idea and he reached out to a beloved relative, “Uncle” Dr. Henry Heimlich, creator of the Heimlich Maneuver, who he credits with  inspiring him to create  “Alert Drops.”  Yes, that Dr. Heimlich, who now deceased continues to save thousands of lives every year with the Heimlich maneuver. Anson, a father of young ladies, many of which like the rest of us, are getting by on less sleep but more activities, was driving once and had an awakening. “Tommy, as I was driving in the desert, I found myself with my car out of control, I was lucky to survive the accident and immediately thought that I have to do something about this.

“I was having considerable trouble staying awake while driving home after long 15 hour-workdays. In fact, I actually fell asleep at the wheel and almost killed myself. My uncle, Dr. Heimlich recommended keeping a lemon in the car and whenever I started to feel drowsy to simply bite into it. He explained how the natural, citric acid and sour taste from a lemon stimulates the tongue’s trigeminal nerve alerting the brain to wake-up, your own body’s adrenalin naturally kicked in from a reflex action. It instantly worked, making me naturally alert and awake at the wheel without having any unnecessary stimulants, bad ingredients in my system. Actually, nothing even entered my system… again, my immediate alertness was caused by my own body’s natural reflex action that stimulated natural adrenalin. I never had a drowsy driving problem again. Dr. Heimlich’s knowledge saved my life.”Anson Dr. Heimlich 2013 (1)
I immediately obtained his new product Alert Drops, and as he promised me two weeks ago, “It wakes you up and you’ll get home safely, Tommy.”  Many nights I find myself driving to Hollywood for events, premieres etc…, then driving back to the office in Beverly Hills, working several more hours and then driving to Holmby Hills, which is only a few miles, but before Alert Drops, it was actually frightening.  On any given evening I may see a late night jogger, someone’s pet that has gotten out of their gate or even a coyote, a couple times a mountain lion. None of these I’d ever want to hit one night because I am asleep at the wheel.  You’d be surprised that only a five mile drive can feel like a lengthy trip when you are not getting enough rest.  Anson’s product has not only given me the quick alert that I need to stay awake, but a sense of security that I won’t fall asleep, harm someone else, their property, pets or children or myself on my trek home.


“Tommy, just imagine how many people are killed on highways in America every day because someone falls asleep and veers into their lane?  That father driving that truck who doesn’t make it home because someone falls asleep just a few seconds may have kids and a family that won’t ever be the same again.  That was on my mind a lot, not only did I want to return home to my own wife and kids, but also don’t think that I could have lived with myself if I had caused someone else to be injured,” Anson tells Highlight Hollywood.


“Waking up bouncing around the car in the desert was my awakening.  And I feel blessed that my Uncle, Dr. Heimlich helped me create this product. And yes, it did take some time and a lot of work, you have no idea what all goes into it.  It has to be tested, I was mindful of only wanting natural ingredients in it, not only for myself for others and even though Dr. Heimlich was battling dementia, whenever he was clear and thinking properly, he’d ask me, ‘Anson, how is the product going? I want you to get this done.’  Having his support meant so much to me and now I don’t leave home without it, and I am hoping that others will get this product  and save many more lives.


“Tommy, 1 in five accidents are caused by drowsy driving,” reminded the star. “Annually, there are over 168 million drowsy drivers, and the sad thing about that is, you don’t have to do this anymore.  Alert Drops can save your life and that means a great deal to me.”
Williams recently battled cancer and whipped that, and it’s not surprising to me. He is the most motivated person I have ever met, who wants to save lives.  It is his calling. “I actually feel more excited about this project than I ever did acting, which I truly enjoyed,” the handsome star said.  “As you get to be our age and you have kids, you start looking at life on a different level. Now I want to be alive not to do a TV or film project, but to see my daughters grow up and become successful and happy women. And I want that for others as well. And if we can help save one life from drowsy driving, that is meaningful.”



Susan Perry, Medical and Science writer explained, “Taste begins in the mouth, where each of us has between 5,000 and 10,000 taste buds. Most taste buds are located within the tongue’s small, visible bumps — or papillae — but some can be found in other areas of the mouth and throat. Each taste bud contains 50 to 100 taste receptor cells — brain cells called neurons that transmit taste information.New-Family-In-Town


“When we eat a strawberry, for example, saliva dissolves the fruit’s chemicals, which then enter into the central pores of the taste buds and bind to the taste cells. The cells quickly send “sweet” and “sour” taste messages from these chemicals through nerve fibers to the brain, where they eventually reach the sensory cortex. However, the flavor of “strawberry” requires the addition of information gained through smell.

Neurons, connected to the lingual nerve, also transmit specific tastes that give the brain/body an instant wake up call. Capsaicin. a carbon based molecule produced by pepper plants, and Citric/Ascorbic Acid, a molecule found in sour citrus fruit, alert the brain through sensory stimuli.”


All of Anson’s former costars are as proud of him as I am.  He admits that Ron Howard, who he saw recently was also excited about this product.  But not only former costars and friends are excited about Alert Drops.  (Video Below) From Alison Arngrim (“Little House”); Tippi Hedren (“The Birds, Marnie”) and “General Hospital” and “The Bay” Emmy Award-winning leading lady Carolyn Hennesy all like I have, tried and have been amazed by this product, which helps you remain alert and what shocked me was how fast it works.  I love Dee Wallace’s reaction as well. She plays everyone’s mom on TV and in films like Beverly Garland did, so she naturally has the maternal instincts and want to see people use Alert Drops.


One has never seen anyone as motivated about creating and now marketing this product as Anson has shown. “Tommy, I believe my Higher Power is pushing me to get this product in every home in America.  It’s easy to purchase at our website right now and the turnaround time is quick.” 
I can vouch for it, I had it within days and I have several bottles, so that I keep one in the office, one in the car and several at home and always keep one with you.  Anson reminded me, “After seeing my uncle (Dr. Henry Heimlich) save so many lives with his invention, I was motivated and as he pointed out before he passed away, more people die from drowsy driving than from choking to death. Thankfully both are avoidable now.”


The citrus-taste is jolting, it wakes you up, it gets you to your destination safely and helps ensure that you don’t harm  yourself or others.  I cannot think of any other product that you should purchase for yourself and others. We all are affected by this serious situation.  Insurers say nearly $20 billion a year of loss of property and income is directly caused by drowsy driving. And a life cannot be returned once it’s lost.

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Anson assured me that he’s doing great again, he got a clean bill of health after defeating cancer.  Williams now reflects on his cancer battle in a positive light, pulling closer to his family and reassessing his priorities. “I turned it into a positive,” he explained to Closer. “I learned I have a purpose for living.”


Now, go to Alert Drops website here, learn about the product, purchase it and be sure to follow on Facebook for update.  Don’t be a Potsie, please follow my advice and get Alert Drops today!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy: Anson William; HBPR

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