Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

‘Game Of Thrones’ RECAP: ‘The Queen’s Justice’ Saw Another Win For The Mad Queen, The Long-Awaited Meeting Was Sensational (VIDEO)

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” delivered another blow to the Dragon Queen and another major win for Mad Queen Cersei Lannister.  It also showcased a long-awaited meeting for fans, and it was well worth the wait.  “Queen’s Justice,” like the two episodes before it, continued setting up the major battles to come, between the Dragon Queen and Cersei and the Great War— with a truncated Season 7 paving the way for the final eighth season, it seems likely that this whole season will feel a little bit
 Sequences like the invasion of Casterly Rock, Varys’ terse tete-a-tete with Melisandre, and the detailed breakdown of Cersei’s arrangement with the Iron Bank of Braavos  are designed to impart as much logistical information as possible And it succeeded, with varying degrees of genius writing, acting and directing.  A sweeping battle sequences led by Grey Worm are fantastic, especially when they drum up to a twist ending; dull, two-shot conversations set against grey landscapes are a bit less so.
 After a period of the build-up of turmoil, the pieces are meshing perfectly  together, as the characters become who they’re going to be for eternity.  “The Queen’s Justice” showcases after a long time in the shadows the brilliant acting skills  of  the show’s only Emmy-winning actor, Peter Dinklage, who as Tyrion manages to keep that character so consistent and entertaining that the show kind of settles into place around him. Watching Dinklage opposite Kit Harington is especially rewarding; the two have a nice on-screen dynamic.

The episode features the different Queens in their splendor, and their individual notions of what is right and wrong and who belongs in power, which makes for some interesting comparisons: Cersei kills Ellaria’s daughter Tyene in an even more brutal way than the way Ellaria killed Myrcella, following a monologue that is both unhinged and eerily calm; Oleanna takes her poison and then nastily informs Jaime that she killed his (evil, awful) son; Sansa governs, for the first time in her life, with surprising effectiveness; and Dany, despite her skepticism, offers her new ally Jon Snow all the dragonglass he can mine. Elsewhere, Jorah is cured of his terrible greyscale, Theon is pulled from the sea, and Jaime is sucked — pun intended — back into his sexual relationship with his sister. The leading ladies are quietly building a character arc that will propel only some of them to the finale.


It’s heartbreaking to see Theon’s ongoing trauma (PTSD of what Ramsay did to him)  or Jorah’s devotion, but Jaime’s arc in this episode is getting to a very dangerous point for the character and his twin sister/lover.   Internet speculation guesses that Jaime will likely reprise his role as Kingslayer to be the one to take out his increasingly insane sister by the end of this season, and that sounds like a great hypothesis to me. But I wonder if Jaime’s arc is going to make sense when it is binge-watched from Season 1 to Season 8, or if viewers will instead wonder if the handsome and deadly knight learned nothing from his friend Brienne or from the trial of losing his sword hand in pointless cruelty.

At least “The Queen’s Justice” gave us a lot of drama but humor as well, as “Game of Thrones” — is not known for very much comedy. Tyrion and Davos earnestly pushing Jon and Dany’s heads together was gold, as was pretty much every line delivery that came out of Dinklage’s mouth. And when Jon and Davos saw a dragon for the very first time, it was priceless seeing their reaction.   “Game of Thrones” airs Sunday nights at 9PM only on HBO.  And follow “Game of Thrones AfterWord” for all breaking news on Facebook.     And to see 11 photos from tomorrow night’s episode click here! got-queensjustice-5

Here are some clips. 

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Helen Sloan/HBO
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