Longmire Posse Stampedes Tonight 7PM PT/10PM ET, It Can Happen

Now that Netflix has ended the TV series “Longmire,” the great Longmire Posse’s Chief Pamela tells Highlight Hollywood that they’ll be stampeding tonight on social media to make it known that “Longmire” movies should happen.Longmire_S5
So, at 10PM Eastern Time, that’s 7PM Pacific Time, go on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and post #LongmireMovies
This will go on for an hour, but it’s far from over, as Pamela and her crack supporters will be keeping this up until it happens. And to quote her, “It can happen!”See you tonight, @HighlightHwd will join in!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Longmire Posse
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