New Trailer Drops For ‘The Dark Tower’ And Powerful Actors Are Showcasing Their Skills (VIDEO)

The Dark Tower, it’s going to be brilliant.   In the opening shot of the latest trailer, we see this little oasis of normalcy atop a mesa in the otherwise blighted landscape. The apocalypse has come and gone from many worlds, and the one we inhabit is next on the list. Each collapse weakens The Dark Tower, which weakens the barriers between realities.

Idris Elba’s Roland, the last of the gunslingers, is trying to protect it — as his forebears have for generations. He’s also out to get revenge on Matthew McConaughey’s Man in Black, a sorcerer who killed his world and everyone Roland loved who dwelled within it.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  IMDB
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