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Poll: Six Months Of Trump, 70 Percent Of Americans No Better Off Financially, But Exhausted By The Reality TV Buffoon-Drama

During the 2016 campaign like all conmen, then-candidate Donald Trump often promised voters they we’re going to “win, win, win” so much that they would “get tired of winning.”  Fast forward six

HBO Responds to Anti-Slavery Show #NoConfederate Campaign

Following a massive social media campaign urging HBO to abandon its upcoming slave drama Confederate, the premium cable network has responded to the social media/public outcry. “We have great respect for the

Weekend Box Office: ‘Dunkirk’ Marches Past ‘Emoji Movie’ With $28.1M, Remains No. 1 For Two Weeks

Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed World War II drama Dunkirk out-smiled new family animated film The Emoji Film at the North American box office, earning $28.1 million in its second outing to win the weekend. Dunkirk, declining

Netflix Is Becoming A Major Player, Despite Carrying An Unhealthy $20 Billion Debt

The streaming service Netflix was founded with a major dream and goal, to dominate TV audiences and bring top notch programing.  Twenty years later, Netflix’s transformation from an underdog DVD-by-mail service to

100s Search For Missing American Fork, Utah Man Paul Swenson, Who Following A Mental Crisis Disappears

When 30-year-old Paul Swenson didn’t come home from an appointment in Salt Lake City on Thursday, his wife told police she was worried. “She had told us at that point that he

“Mooch” Scaramucci’s Friend Confesses To Leaking The News That Married Priebus Has A “Mistress!”

With White House insiders hinting all sorts of “dirty” about Mooch, you’d think he’d be the last one to have his friends leak “alleged” affair news on Reince Priebus.  But, these New

‘The Jury Speaks: Robert Durst,’ A Galveston, TX Jury Let Evil NYC Scion Serial Killer Off For Murder, Now They Feel Regret

“I killed them all, of course!” HBO’s true-crime docu-series The Jinx was a ratings hit and it followed the never-ending legal woes  of Robert Durst in the news, it might have seemed as

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ On Tuesday, Aug. 1, From LA To Monte Carlo, Drama Unfolds

Coming up on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, Katie and Wyatt push the boundaries of their attraction to each other. Meanwhile, Zende is hurt when Nicole

Furious With Trump, Putin Says Russia To Expel 755 US Diplomatic Staff, More Measures Are Possible

Trump was determined to help Putin and harm America, and his own party pushed through legislation that he’s incapable of vetoing, now Putin frustrated that after he helped get Trump elected President,

Longmire Posse Stampedes In Just Hours, It Can Happen!

 Highlight Hollywood learned from Longmire Posse Chief Pamela that tonight at 9PM ET, the Posse plans a major stampede on social media (Twitter; Facebook and Instagram).  Use the hashtag #LongmireFilms for 1