Commonwealth Of Virginia’s Gov. Urge Citizens To “Stay Away” From Charlottesville With KKK, Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi Rally

As a person who grew up around these monuments and statues, I think it’s absurd to remove them now.  For centuries they offered an insight into history, so aer we to sanitize our ugly past? Slavery in America existed, these monuments don’t honor that, they are reminders of what we never plan to return to.  However, for decades people have been denying racism existed, when what they were really saying was, “we can’t be ourselves anymore.” The Trump presidency has changed all of that.  They are no longer cowards, they are out of the closet the way their parents and grandparents were when I  was growing up in the Bible Belt, which is second only to the Middle East as the worst place you can ever be.  They are always in love with racists, whoremongers and liars.  They are in fact all of those things themselves, and the few who aren’t, are only in denial, because they vote for and support such people.  It in fact is more evil than just being a run of the mill racist, an honest one.ap_Terry_McAuliffe_ac_131106_jpg_16x9_992
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe urged Virginians to stay away in a statement released hours before a planned “Unite the Right” rally that could bring thousands of white nationalists, neo-Confederates, alt-right activists, and counter protesters to Charlottesville.

“In advance of [Saturday’s] rally there have been communications from extremist groups, many of which are located outside of Virginia, who may seek to commit acts of violence against rally participants or law enforcement officials.


“In the event that such violent or unlawful conduct occurs, I have instructed state public safety officials to act quickly and decisively in order to keep the public and themselves safe,” Governor McAuliffe’s statement read. “I want to urge my fellow Virginians who may consider joining either in support or opposition to the planned rally to make alternative plans.


“Many of the individuals coming to Charlottesville are doing so in order to express viewpoints many people, including me, find abhorrent.


“As long as that expression is peaceful, that is their right. But it is also the right of every American to deny those ideas more attention than they deserve.


“Men and women from state and local agencies will be in Charlottesville tomorrow to keep the public safe, and their job will be made easier if Virginians, no matter how well-meaning, elect to stay away from the areas where this rally will take place.”


The governor said Virginia State Police would handle police planning and response for rally and that the Virginia National Guard was on stand by if needed.


Saturday’s event after a Ku Klux Klan rally in July drew about 50 Klan members and supporters who gathered around a statue of Confederate Lt. Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.


The historic city, home of Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia, has become the latest Southern battleground over the contested removal of Confederate monuments.


At least they stop pretending they are fighting for Robert E. Lee, who reviled the KKK and was against the post Civil War-racism that took a stronghold in Virginia and other Southern States (all within the Bible Belt) after the end of the War in 1865.

Don’t forget the racists actually blamed President Obama, the victim of racism, for racism.  That’s how illiterate, stupid and warped racists really are.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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