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Filmmaker Mark Grabianowski’s Film Short ‘Coyote,’ Is Inspired By True Events, But Profoundly Brilliant And Unique

Acclaimed filmmaker Mark Grabianowski is well known to Highlight Hollywood readers, but with his latest film short “Coyote,” he’ll become well known across the nation. With a film that is so timely and yet so incredibly gripping, the story doesn’t seem forced, it seems chillingly real and thought-provoking.  From the opening frame, you have an idea what it’s about, and soon you become engrossed and attached to characters Grabianowski introduces and the defining moments are jarring. With a cast that is both charismatic and talented, you find yourself feeling empathy, and their fear.  Coyote_Final_CC_080217_01_00_25_20_Still074

Mark says, the film is inspired by true events.  The official synopsis says, “Coyote introduces the viewer to the world of human trafficking through the life of a young woman who has escaped from her captors. In her struggle to reach the US boarder, she is confronted with a choice that could change her life forever.”Coyote_Final_CC_080217_01_04_32_27_Still047

From every angle you are thrust into the life of a victim that could be anyone we know, it could be any of us who may not be lucky or blessed enough to be born on the North side of the US Mexican border.  Some people risk anything for a better life, some meet the face of evil when they fight for hope. In this, the actress who portrays the long-suffering Esperanza, is one of the most enigmatic actors today.  The Venezuelan-born beauty steals the screen, she owns it in every scene she’s in.  And Caesar James as the diabolical Ramon delivers an Oscar-worthy performance.Coyote_Final_CC_080217_01_05_08_16_Still051

The writing is simply wrought and impeccable.  The final frame will leave chills down your spine.  Everyone in the cast and crew delivers nothing short of perfection.  It is the film that everyone should see, it is gritty and ground-breaking.

The script was written by Mark Grabianowski in the summer of 2016. Pre-Production began in January of 2017 followed by a two day production in March 2017 and one pickup day in May. Coyote_Final_CC_080217_01_09_47_26_Still061

“Coyote” was filmed on location in the beautiful Mojave Desert of California.  The photography is exceptional, it captures the beauty and the danger of the desert, it also just seems to blend beautifully with the gripping story.  The musical composition is incredible, it is reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden-era.  Everyone deserves kudos for a job well done.  Coyote_Final_CC_080217_01_05_48_20_Still057

On a side note and most important, the filmmaker tells Highlight Hollywood, “Young women from Latin America and the U.S. are seduced and recruited by human traffickers with false promises of a new life in the US along with a job and money. Coming from a life of poverty and abuse, these girls are easily swayed by these possibilities of a better life. Once taken in by the traffickers they are slowly forced into a life as a prostitute. Coyote_Final_CC_080217_01_01_14_11_Still045

“These girls, as a result, are imprisoned with no hope of escape. Lacking immigration papers, any sense of identity or family, are forced to remain slaves.”

International Labor Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally most of whom are women.

To learn more about “Coyote,” go to their official website here, and LIKE their Facebook page.

“Coyote” is the most unique and original story in 2017, and it has Oscar-buzz written all over it.  From the writing to the acting, directing and production values, everything is splendid, enthralling and most of all, it leaves you thinking about it for hours, even days. 

Highlight Hollywood gives “Coyote” Five out of a possible Five Stars.  Coyote_Final_CC_080217_01_10_54_03_Still064

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Marked House Pictures
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