‘American Horror Story: Cult’s’ ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ RECAP, Next Week’s Preview (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, we pick up with Ally in bed with one of the dreaded clowns that she’s so afraid of. She screams and runs for Ivy (Alison Pill), who rushes to protect her and is as sweet and patient as ever. When she finds no such clown in the bedroom, however, despite Ally’s protests, Ivy admits again that Ally’s anxiety has taken its toll on her. Ally finally resigns to her state, saying, “I think there might be something wrong with me.”

Meanwhile, we see that Kai’s (Evan Peters) nefarious plans are working.  After he provoked a band of construction workers by yelling racial slurs at them and chucking over a condom full of his urine, they unleashed a beatdown on him… while someone filmed on a cell phone nearby. Now it’s a local news story, and of course it takes a political turn: some of the construction workers have been taken into the custody of ICE. In announcing his run for city council — a seat that was vacated by the murder of councilman Chang — he quotes Trump’s “rapists and criminals” line, yelling, “Look at my face, Michigan!”pre_ef8708f827f66aa2ec07d2c8e3c95e07


Speaking of the Changs, the Mayfair-Richards already have new neighbors. After a rather creepy scene where Winter (Billie Lourd) engages in the most serious pinky swear ever with Oz, vowing to take his fear for him, she allows him to go next door to play with the new residents. Ally and Ivy get home and immediately freak out over this,  and rush over to find Oz playing with bees. Yes, in a blatant reference to the “hive mind” theme of this season, one of the new neighbors is actually a beekeeper.


And this also means that Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman’s characters have been revealed. Harrison and Meadow are married, but not a couple — in fact, Harrison is gay. They just got married based on a pact they made when they were younger. Harrison gets one night a week to go out on the town and satisfy his needs, while Meadow, because of her past case of skin cancer, doesn’t like to be touched, so it all works out pretty nicely for them. They’re a blunt pair, which takes Ivy and Ally aback, but Harrison notes that that’s just “the way of the world now.” Indeed, Harrison.


Ally obviously is skeptical of them, especially of the mysterious barrels they keep at their home, and the fact that they moved into the Chang’s old house so soon after the murders. But she’ll soon learn that they’re the least of her worries. Something’s tripped the alarm system back at their restaurant, and though Ivy offers to go, Ally insists that she can and that she’s “got this.” One has the sense, however, that she does not, in fact, got this. When she gets there, she makes a gruesome discovery: one of her restaurant’s managers hanging from a meat hook, just barely alive. As we learn later, Ally had to be the one to kill him.

Unsurprisingly, there’s an investigation, but there’s a political twist now: a worker at the restaurant is a suspect, due to an argument with the deceased that turned weirdly racial at the top of the episode. When a police officer, played by “AHS” newcomer Colton Haynes, asks Ally and Ivy about his immigration status, Ivy indignantly insists that “he’s American.” Other repercussions of the murder, of course, lie in Ally’s psyche. She gets a gun from Harrison, who has a troubling stockpile of them as he started to collect them, in a sense, when Barack Obama became president. Harrison goads on Ally’s fears, telling her, it’s “the only thing that will make you feel safe again.”

Ivy, concerned, invites Ally’s therapist, Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) for a home call. Here, Ally tells him that she feels “vindicated” by her phobias and that they keep her safe. “The world is f—ed up,” she tells him. “The election made it worse.” She shows him her new gun, and while he’s worried, he’s unable to tell Ivy because of doctor-patient confidentiality, Ally explains.


Later, after Ally’s fortified her house, she gets an unwelcome visit from Kai, who she best knows currently as the man who dumped coffee all over her and Ivy in the last episode. He’s making a visit to campaign for office, and in a chilling scene, we see right rhetoric v. left rhetoric in full form. Ally, ironically from behind her newly installed bars, tells Kai that she’s interested in “building bridges, not walls.” Kai asks if he can get a drink of water, and Ally refuses to let him in and threatens to call the cops. Crazed, Kai yells, “It’s so easy until it’s you they’re coming for!”American-Horror-Story-Cult-Season-7-Episode-2-Spoilers-Afraid-Of-The-Dark-Video


Meanwhile, Ally stares reluctantly at her pills. Winter picks up on this — she encourages Ally to have some wine and a bath to unwind, instead of taking her medication. Winter goes so far as to draw a bath for her, and when Ally’s relaxing, she reappears. While Ally is surprised at first, Winter starts to help wash her off. It’s clearly a seduction technique, and it’s kind of genius: she knows Ally’s stressed, and therefore relaxes her into seduction. But nothing ruins the mood like crazed clown murderers.


Suddenly, the power goes out, and with it, so does Winter, exclaiming that she has to go home to save her laptop. Harrison appears at her window to yell one of the best lines of the episode: “Lesbians! We’re under attack!” It’s interesting that he goes political, telling Ally that it could be Russians or “those crazy freaks in North Korea,” seemingly playing on her fears. Ally panics and calls Ivy, who’s dealing with the power outage at the restaurant too. When Ally’s phone dies, Ivy sends Pedro — the employee currently under investigation for murder — with some supplies for her.ahs-cult-cheyenne-jackson


Aly finds that someone’s cut the cords in her fuse box, and even sees a few of the masked murderers. When she runs upstairs to grab Oz, she has to throw one off of from the top of the stairs,  with her gun, she rushes Oz to the door and instructs him to run to the neighbors’ house. When she opens the door, however, someone’s standing there, and in her panic, she shoots him. It turns out to be Pedro there to help her.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: FX
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