Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

Attorneys Anne Bremner And Gloria Allred, Both Named Victims Advocates Of 2017

Beautiful and talented attorneys Gloria Allred and Anne Bremner are household names in the US and around the world.  But they do a great deal of work for victims on a daily basis that you rarely hear of.  Both women put their clients before themselves, and both welcome any referrals that Highlight Hollywood has made and they are not only respected in their field by their peers but for those of us who work in the media depend on them.annebremner-nancygrace2
Attorney Anne Bremner valiantly fought to free American college student Amanda Knox, who has joined us in the media realm and who suffered greatly at the hands of Italy’s kangaroo justice system.  She represented the Friends of Amanda’s and she was forever making Amanda’s plight known to all of us in the media, who know feel like Amanda is our own child.  Bremner however is best known as a regular “Nancy Grace” guest and legal analyst, who now can be seen on Fox News.  Anne did all that she could to help the family of Susan Cox Powell, who was murdered by her husband and her body is still missing.  The Cox family trusted Anne and they worked with the local authorities to desperately try to save Susan’s two sons’ lives, as they were taken from us by their father as well.
Without people like Anne Bremner, many victims and victims’ families would be lost.  The case of Rebecca Zahau is one that my dear friends are not giving up on. Rebecca’s body was found hanging in the Orange County,  Calif. mansion of her boyfriend, but suspicion continues to swirl around her death, which her family will never believe was suicide.  Anne_Bremner-2

Bremner confirmed that a big hearing is coming up on the Susan Cox Powell case, and Highlight Hollywood along with other national media will be following.  Anne is Highlight Hollywood’s choice for Victims Advocate of 2017.
Attorney Gloria Allred is here in Los Angeles with our publication, and she has been a godsend to us and to all who have been trying to support the ladies who have accused disgraced Bill Cosby of sexual abuse.  Allred defies her naysayers, ignores them and continues to fight for her clients.  From Cosby to President Trump, this talented legal eagle doesn’t hide or shrink like a wilting violet when it comes to going up against the most powerful men in Hollywood or in the crevices of Washington, D.C.  Powerful people have been able to walk all over the weaker and less wealthy since this country was founded.  But today we have a fighter who is not afraid to go nose-to-nose with the biggest bullies, and she never fears any of them.
Allred has not only fought for every client she’s ever had, but she is a regular fixture on national TV news and cable news, giving her opinions about the biggest cases we have in the nation.  But it is her client Judith Huth, who was a teenager when she claims Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her, that she’s best known for in 2017.  Cosby and his hundreds of attorneys have tried to bury his accusers, but those who are smart enough to hire Allred, never have to fear a fierce and powerful advocate on their side.
Ms. Allred joins Ms. Bremner as the Top 2017 Victims Advocates. 
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  File; HBO
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