China Box Office: Comedy ‘Never Say Die’ Tops Global Box Office As It Races To $180M In First Week

The biggest movie in the world this week is a Chinese sports comedy with lead actors who you’ve probably never heard of. In fact, most people in China had never heard of them either, but that hasn’t stopped Never Say Die from steamrolling the competition and collecting $180 million in its first week. That’s substantially more than Jackie Chan’s comedy Kung Fu Yoga earned in its first week when it released back in January at Chinese New Year. never-say-die-crIf it keeps up its current momentum, Never Say Die has a strong chance of beating out Kung Fu Yoga’s $250 million box office total to become the highest-grossing Chinese comedy of all time. The new picture is closing in fast on China’s second-biggest comedy, the 2015 sleeper hit Goodbye Mister Loser, and should surpass that film’s RMB 1.44 billion/$217 million by Sun 

Never Say Die is the third release from China’s Happy Mahua Pictures, an outfit worth watching because it has perfected the formula for low-cost, highly profitable comedies starring non-film comedians. Its last theatrical outing was, in fact, the aforementioned megahit Goodbye Mister Loser, which held the box office record for comedies in China from the time of its 2015 run until Kung Fu Yoga eclipsed it this year.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: WANDA
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