Square Payments INC. To Announce Third Quarter Earnings Report Thursday, Co. Already North of $12.5 Billion In Value, Doubled Since 2016

On Thursday, CEO Jack Dorsey will be announcing the third quarter earnings for his second Silicon Valley corporation Square, after last week making a positive announcement for his social media giant Twitter. twitter-boss-jack-dorsey-had-his-account-suspended-by-mistake
Currently, Square is worth about $12.5 billion — just $130 million shy of Twitter’s market cap at the time of publication. That’s a difference of about 1 percent of Twitter’s value. If Twitter’s stock price continues to decline or if earnings send the stock down further, Square will likely surpass Twitter’s value.
This week, insiders predict a very positive earnings report for Square north of $400 million.
Despite the naysayers, last week Twitter posted a third quarter earnings report of $590 million.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP; Square
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