Bestselling Author, Activist Patti Davis On “Trump’s Scorched Earth”


Bestselling author and famed animal rights activist Patti Davis has done it again.  Patti is a beautiful and talented person, who speaks very seldom, while many of us admire her and wish she’d speak out more.  The fact that she is so passionate about animals and the environment isn’t surprising to those of us who have known her for decades.  But her vocal expressions during this dark year of the Trump Administration has been a beacon of hope. I know many who are speaking out and signing petitions and doing more to challenge this diabolical Administration, the opposite of her own father’s (President Ronald Reagan).  He listened to others, he also had the good of the nation and the world in the forefront of his mind.  He was also a moral man, unlike the current executive who occupies the Oval Office. patti-davis

In a blistering op-ed on her official website, titled “Trump’s Scorched Earth,” she surmises, “In case anyone was optimistic enough to think that Donald Trump couldn’t go any lower, his latest salvo will dispel that notion. He has now thrown out President Obama’s 21014 ban on bringing elephant “souvenirs” — meaning body parts — back to the United States after killing the animals in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Proof that, if something has Obama’s name on it, he will get rid of it even if it’s a measure designed to slow the extermination of some of the most majestic animals on earth.”pattidavis-pug

It’s well known that Trump’s sons are enthusiastic hunters. So is Ryan Zinke, by the way. Daddy’s little boys must be thrilled that they can go kill some more endangered animals and then decorate their walls with the severed parts. I’m betting Satan himself is saying, “Damn that Trump is good. Even I didn’t think of this.”

We are losing elephants at a staggering rate. Savanna elephants declined by 30% across 18 countries in Africa from 2007 to 2014. In one area of Zimbabwe the population dropped by 74%. Yet the Trump administration is taking the word of Zimbabwe, the most corrupt country on earth, that killing elephants is going to be good for the population. That it’s actually “conservation.” Only an idiot would believe that. But Trump doesn’t believe or disbelieve. He simply doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that baby elephants stand for days, weeks  even, beside the bodies of their mothers, bellowing in grief. Many of them die from grief even after they are rescued. He doesn’t care that elephants are intelligent, sentient creatures whose family bonds are stronger and healthier than those of most humans.Patti-Davis

He also doesn’t care that millions of people are heartbroken over the loss of endangered animals, that they’re disgusted with him and shudder when they use the word hatred in reference to him, but use it anyway. He doesn’t care because he lives in a world of his own creation. He actually believes the rest of the world admires what America has become in the past year.

She goes on about the lasting legacy of his presidency, read here!

Thanks to my friend Patti for being a moral voice in a country filled with immorality today. It’s amazing how she isn’t star struck, with two parents who were legitimate stars, unlike the current President who is a racist reality TV con artist.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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