CNN Producer Swiftly Fired Over Alleged Inappropriate Behavior, Unlike Fox Rape Channel That Protects Their Abusers


CNN has fired senior producer Teddy Davis over claims of inappropriate behavior. “A comprehensive investigation was conducted as soon as this matter was brought to our attention. The behavior attributed to Mr. Davis does not align with the standards and values of CNN and Mr. Davis is no longer with the company,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday.


Davis served as producer on the network’s State of the Union, hosted by Jake Tapper, prior to his termination.


According to a source at CNN, the network’s internal investigation into Davis surfaced instances of the ousted producer making fellow colleagues uncomfortable. There were no reports of physical or sexual assault.


In response to news of Davis’ firing, Tapper tweeted that he was “fully supportive” of CNN’s decision.

“When CNN executives were told about these complaints, they reacted swiftly and appropriately, as they should,” he said. “Workplaces need to be safe and I am fully supportive of CNN’s action.”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: CNN
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