Latest Poll: Trump’s Base Falling Apart, Hits Lowest Of Any First Year President In 70 Years

When President Truman hit this point, the world and the U.S. was plunged into World War II, bodies were being shipped home and the economy was barely coming through the post Great Depression-era. So, Trump riding in a good economy is surely showing even his base that he’s a conman, a liar and a fraud.   Racist President Donald Trump’s base appeared to be anything but intact this week, as his approval ratings continued their decline to lows that no other president in modern American history has suffered during a first year in office.

Support among the noncollege-educated white voters who made up a big portion of the Trump base throughout the 2016 election dropped 13 percent in a CNN poll published Monday afternoon, to 49 percent from 59 percent approval at the 100-day mark. In the poll conducted Thursday through Sunday, the commander in chief’s overall approval rating among voters also reached a new low for a CNN survey since Inauguration Day, dipping to 36 percent from 37 percent, as independents and minorities also continued to abandon Trump.


Trump’s base in recent weeks has appeared increasingly dissatisfied with his handling of public service duties since taking control of the Oval Office. The majority of working class white and independent voters said they disapproved of the president’s efforts on upholding his campaign promises, according to a Fox News poll published October 30, including tax and health care reform.


The latest CNN poll aligned with other red flags for Trump throughout the week, including in Gallup’s polling published Monday: The president’s approval hit a new low, at 33 percent. It doesn’t look like his problems are going away anytime soon, either.


Once Mueller brings down the hammer on Flynn, Trump will sink even lower.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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