Santa Monica Native Stephen Miller, White House Advisor Interrogated By Mueller’s Investigators

President Trump Meets With Cyber Security Experts At White House
Senior White House advisor Stephen Miller was among the top-flight Trump 2016 officials in regular contact with campaign staffer George Papadopoulos, now at the center of a federal probe into Russian influence on the presidential election. stephen-miller2While the White House has looked to distance itself and President Donald Trump from Papadopoulos, who has pleaded guilty to lying to federal officials about his Russian contacts,  the New York Times reported Friday the 28-year-old had been in regular contact with Stephen Miller and helped edit a major Trump foreign policy speech. Miller had not previously been identified in court documents. 

According to emails seen by the Times, Papdopolous, named as a foreign policy advisor to the campaign, told Miller, now one of the most recognizable members  of the administration, that Trump had an “open invitation” to visit Russia, at the guarantee of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Papadoplous met in London with individuals connected to Russia’s Foreign Ministry including a 30-year-old Russian from St Petersburg identified as Olga Polonkaya, purporting to be Putin’s niece. According to court documents no such niece exists.



Papadoplous was told the Russians had “dirt” on former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of leaked emails, months before the hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers became public.


An inquiry by special prosecutor Robert Mueller is now focused determining whether Papadoplous passed on any information concerning the emails to the Trump campaign officials he was in contact with.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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