29 Beautiful Horses Killed In Creek Fire, Here’s Where You Can Take Your Horses For Evacuations

Dozens of horses perished Tuesday in the wind-driven Creek Fire that burned 15,000 acres as of Wednesday afternoon.   More than 120,000 people were forced to flee their homes, and some had no time to evacuate their animals. No one is known to have died in the fire, but many fear the animal death toll could be high. California WildfiresOne family told the Los Angeles Times they were forced to flee their home and Rancho Padilla stable Tuesday at a minute’s notice, leaving about 60 stabled horses.


“All I could think about was the horses, the horses, the horses. And they were like, ‘Get out, get out, get out,’ ” Patricia Padilla, whose family owns a ranch, told the Los Angeles Times. “The structures can get rebuilt, but the lives of the horses can’t. … That’s my biggest heartbreak.”

When Padilla returned home Wednesday morning, her family found 29 of the animals dead. Many of the horses on the ranch were being boarded for other owners. Now Padilla’s family will have to make dozens of calls to tell clients their horses didn’t make it.


“It hurts a lot because these horses are family,” Shelby Hope told the newspaper said as she stood near the horse’s bodies. “They’re not just horses — they’re horses that we know, that we’ve become close to.”

Animal owners can take Horses and other large animals to the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds at 2551 W. Avenue H, in Lancaster, or call (661) 948- 6060. The Expo Center in Industry is also providing shelter for horses from homes being evacuated. Residents can call the Expo Center office at (626) 330-0324. The center is located in Industry Hills Regional Park and Recreation Center, 16200 Temple Ave.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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