Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Barry Rubin Raves About ‘Darkest Hour,’ “The Opportunity Of An Actor’s Lifetime To Portray Mr. Churchill”

Darkest Hour” stars Gary Oldman, was written by Anthony McCarten and was directed by Joe Wright. This as most know is the story of the early days of World War II as Great Britain struggled with the results of the appeasement strategies of Neville Chamberain, his fall from grace and the appointment of Winston Churchill as his successor who led his country and the Allies to a victory over Nazi Germany.https___blueprint-api-production_s3_amazonaws_com_uploads_card_image_591235_774ff698-ea95-4901-abdf-7653975ef564

But more than anything, it is the vehicle in which Mr. Oldman is given the opportunity of an actor’s lifetime to play Mr. Churchill so convincingly that the film becomes more like a documentary rather than a fictionalized version of what took place in Europe in the days preceding Britain’s entry into the war.NYET964-1121_2016_151731_hd

I give the film 3 an1/2 stars based mostly on Mr. Oldman’s portrayal of Mr. Churchill but also because of the interesting and informative manner in which the film is presented.

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Written By: Barry Rubin, Sr. Film Reviewer and Hollywood Historian

Photographs are Courtesy: Focus Features

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