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Best Daytime TV Leading Ladies Of 2017

Daytime Television has some of the greatest actors in the industry. From CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless” to NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” and ABC’s “General Hospital,” our editors had tough choices to make.  Don’t despair if your favorite is not mentioned, we couldn’t choose everyone and after dozens of votes, these are the leading ladies who garnered the most votes.KatherineKellyLang0283
“The Bold and the Beautiful” divas Katherine Kelly Lang and Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood really brought the drama in 2017 to their top-rated show.  Lang as Brooke has been splitting up with the men in her life for decades now, and each and every time she makes it as fresh as the first time.  From being Bill’s wife, to feeling betrayed by him, cozying up again with Ridge, only to be thrown recently when Thorne told Brooke his true feelings and not only what he’s been up to in Paris, but what he wants in his future, Lang’s Brooke is maturing and this time she didn’t just fall into bed with Thorne, she stood her ground and told him he had to leave.
Kelly has the ability to make her audience enthralled by Brooke’s every twist and turn.  Fans enjoy the spectacle Brooke makes of her life personally and professionally and the bittersweet twists and turns can be eventful and fulfilling. Lang has the ability to make everything fresh and seem like it’s new-again.Jacqueline McInnes Wood 012
Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood has grown on the Bell soap, and she now is the epitome of a Daytime leading lady.  The stunning Canadian-born actress has really become a major player in this industry and especially on Brad Bell’s soap.  With Steffy now pregnant and dealing with the emotional repercussions of sleeping with her father-in-law Dollar Bill, her marriage is on very shaky ground.  Jacqui has the ability to make us empathize with Steffy even at times when we want to throttle her.  She has the ability to make every scene exciting and emotional, which are the hallmarks of soap operas.  Here’s to seeing what comes for Steffy in 2018. Trouble for sure.
“The Young and the Restless” leading ladies including beautiful Lauralee Bell, who portrays Christine and Tracey Bregman, who portrays Lauren.  These Genoa City icons have really delivered in 2017, and we are certain they are prepared to bring the drama in the new year.
Lauralee Bell Photo credit by Dove Shore Photography
Dove Shore Photography
Lauralee grew up on the show, but Christine the hard as nails legal genius is a role Bell relishes and when she appears on screen, we know that we are going to get a treat.  Her ability to make every dramatic scene so unforgettable and the same can be said when Chris has her light moments.  Lauralee loves the role as much as we fans love seeing her in it.  She’s grown up with all of us, but she has never grown weary of the role.  Every storyline the actress is given, she makes it believable.  The lessons her beautiful parents (Bill and Lee Bell) gave her, she has taken and run with them.
Stunning Tracey Bregman as Lauren has gone from spoiled rich brat in Genoa City to the wife and mom, or should we say ‘mama-grizzly?’ When Lauren has to deal with her children, you know that she’s going to be tough and unbeatable.  From wife and mom to businesswoman, Tracey’s delivery in the role makes it unique and unforgettable. In 2017, Lauren dealt with a lot of things, but her portrayer never seems beleaguered, she seems genuine open to playing whatever is written for her, and the enigmatic actress shows no signs of aging or ever slowing down.  Days of our Lives - Season 47“Days of Our Lives’ also has so many wonderful actresses, and Lauren Koslow (with perfect makeup) shows that Kate is no push over.  In a show that has so many strong performances, Lauren’s ability to shine brightly never grows old.  Kate is a force of nature, but so is the actress who portrays her.  Koslow has starred on other soaps and has been a working actress for decades, while never seeming to age.  In 2017, Lauren made the role filled with standout performances, thanks to impeccable acting and a style of her own.Here’s hoping all of these beautiful and talented leading ladies will be front and center in 2018.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Tracey Bregaman/File; Lauralee Bell/Dove Shore Photography; Katherine Kelly Lang/Gilles Toucas for Bell Phillip TV Productions; Lauren Koslow/NBC; Maura West/JPI Studios; Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood/Gilles Toucas for Bell Phillip TV Productions
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