Brave Man Runs Into Flames In Ventura, Calif. Fire To Save Wild Rabbit From Death (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, a video of a man rescuing a tiny rabbit from a roaring fire was posted and quickly went viral. The unknown man wearing a hoodie and shorts was caught on video chasing after and then gathering up a wild rabbit. After days of terror, strong winds and devastation this small kindness is balm for many who are glued to the news waiting to see some sign of hope.

If you missed the small scampering in the first few seconds of the video, it may seem the man is overwhelmed by the flames. Then, observers notice the object of his attention is not the fire but a tiny creature terrified from the superheated blaze.


In the video, shot by RMG News, the unknown young man then bends down to gather up the small creature, the rabbit, one of many wild animals displaced by the now 96,000-acre Thomas Fire.


At this time, the identity of the rabbit-rescuer is not yet known.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  RMG News; AP
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