Gloria Allred Takes Trump To Court In NY Tuesday To Force Him To Testify In Defamation Case, If He Lies, He Could Face Impeachment

While everyone’s talking about special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into the Trump campaign’s communication with the Russian government, the president’s lawyers are preparing for an altogether different case.allred-apprentice-starOn Tuesday, in a New York state Supreme Court hearing, they’re expected to try to have a defamation case against the president dismissed. If they fail, the president could be forced to testify on allegations that he sexually harassed more than a dozen women.

The suit was filed by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on “The Apprentice,” who claimed last year that Trump “very aggressively” kissed her, groped her breasts, and began “thrusting” his genitals at her in a 2007 meeting at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Her claim is that Trump damaged her reputation when he called her a liar.

The hearing comes amid a torrent of scrutiny around sexual misconduct by powerful men in the US following bombshell revelations regarding years of alleged sexual abuse by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The allegations cost disgraced Weinstein his job  and, subsequently, women have come forward with a variety of allegations against high-profile journalists, lawmakers, and executives.Trump’s lawyers are expected to argue that the suit against him should be thrown out or delayed until after his term on the grounds that a sitting president can’t be sued in state court. Part of their reasoning is that a trial could distract Trump from his official business as president.

The experience of another US president — Bill Clinton — shows that this argument may not hold up. Clinton’s experience also shows how, if Trump lies under oath, he could be impeached.



This argument could be tough to win, unless Trump’s defense can prove that Zervos is a limited public figure, Bloch said.


Zervos’ lawyer, Gloria Allred, said Trump should have to defend what he said in court. Allred has also subpoenaed his campaign for all documents related to the many women who have accused him of sexual harassment.


“We believe that President Trump should be accountable for his statements,” she said in July. “No one enjoys a license to defame based on power, wealth or privilege.”


Zervos was one of 13 women who accused Trump last year of unwanted physical contact over a period spanning more than 30 years. Trump has denied Zervos’ claims, saying he “vaguely” remembers her and that he never met her at a hotel. He later called Zervos and his other accusers “liars” during several campaign appearances and on Twitter.

Zervos, through Allred, declined an interview. The White House did not respond to a request for comment.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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