Andrea Tantaros Claims Rape Channel Female Talent Were Secretly Recorded Disrobing

Andrea Tantaros, the former Fox News star, is aiming to move forward in a lawsuit that alleges her former employer electronically surveilled and harassed her. In a proposed amended complaint filed on Monday, she includes new allegations including how Fox News had a closed-circuit television network that allowed its former chief Roger Ailes to monitor offices, including ones where most Fox female talent disrobed
“There was also a bi-annual trunk show in the Spring and Fall conducted by Fox’s wardrobe department,” states the amended complaint. “The trunk show was held in empty Fox offices and female talent was expected to disrobe down to their undergarments to try on new on-air dresses for the next season, without even the benefit of a curtain. The dresses were pre-selected for the women by the wardrobe department before their arrival; pants were not an option. Upon information and belief, Ailes was recording female employees disrobe without their consent in their offices and during the bi-annual trunk show.”The amended complaint is the latest in a nine-month old lawsuit with messy origins.

In the last few months, Tantaros has been represented by new attorneys at Morgan Lewis, who were threatened by Fox News for participating in the case.

On Monday, Morgan Lewis attorney Christopher Parlo told the judge in a letter that the firm will no longer be Tantaros’ counsel but is nevertheless assisting her in the transition to representing herself. Tantaros, now operating pro se, is seeking the judge’s permission for an amended complaint.

“Fox News is currently under federal investigation by the United States Justice Department into how multiple sexual harassment settlements were made to certain female employees over many years,” states the amended complaint. “The federal probe has also expanded to include, not only the structure of the payments, but whether intimidation tactics like the ones at the crux of this complaint, were used against Fox News employees.”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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