Whether or not Amazon does get the rights is in the air. YooZoo Pictures (part of Youzu) told Caixin and other media outlets that it had sole rights, and that its partnership with Liu Cixin was “ongoing.” The author himself, meanwhile, explained  to Mtime that he hadn’t been aware of Amazon’s reported bid, and wasn’t sure if he would be involved. These don’t completely rule out an Amazon adaptation (companies tend not to acknowledge deals unless they’re completed), but it’s worth taking the rumor with a grain of salt.


A deal like this wouldn’t be out of line for Amazon. The company has been pushing for shows that could be international hits, and it wouldn’t get much bigger than one of the most popular sci-fi trilogies in Chinese history. The production would have a strong allure in its home market (where a movie adaptation has been stuck in purgatory), and might expose the story to a much wider audience.