Creepy Bill Cosby Smiles In Court While Accuser Andrea Constand Recuonts Encounter She Describes As Rape

Fallen comedy legend Bill Cosby  appeared amused Monday as prosecutors forced his accuser to again relive that night in 2004 when she claims she was drugged and molested by ​him. Disgraced Cosby, 80, kept his eyes closed as Andrea Constand recounted, step-by-step, how her mentor allegedly “touched my breasts, placed his fingers inside my vagina, and placed his hand on my hand, and my hand on his penis.” cosby-court-laughingLeaning back in his chair, Cosby grinned as she recounted their 2004 encounter, which if true was sexual assault.


His face remained animated throughout the afternoon — growing wide-eyed at the mention of his own penis, shaking his head as lawyers quibbled and openly chuckling when judge Steven O’Neill allowed a question through, saying “it’s not that leading.”


His renewed attention came after the elderly comedian was seen napping in his chair at the defense table during the lunch break, his head tilted back and his mouth agape.


As lawyers argued about phrasing in the corner, Constand, in a muted peach-toned jacket, closed her own eyes, breathing in and out as she waited. The former Temple University basketball administrator was later released from the stand after nearly two days of questioning.
​In a cringe-worthy moment earlier Monday, the cellphone of lead defense counsel Tom Mesereau went off as he grilled Constand, drawing a menacing look from the judge.


O’Neill has ruled the courtroom with an non-negotiable order insisting all phones be off during testimony. Mesereau was not reprimanded in open court for the gaffe.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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