Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Tells Staffers, He’s At Peace If He Is Fired, “Had To Follow The Law”

Racist Trump is trying to destroy our legal system and the stupid racist Trumpanzees are in a cult and following him into a hell on earth. Just as he’s received karma these past months in office, after spending 8 years being a racist birther. What he’s doing to other civil servants is something karma will visit upon him as well.  History will not look at the orange clown and conman reality TV star nicely.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has struck a stoic and righteous tone in private conversations he has had this week about the fate of his job as President Donald Trump has launched public criticism against him and considered firing him, according to three sources who have spoken to Rosenstein.
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In those conversations, he has repeated the phrase, “Here I stand,” a reference to Martin Luther’s famous quote, “Here I stand, I can do no other.” Coincidentally, former FBI Director James Comey, whom Rosenstein fired, repeated the same phrase to President George W. Bush  in a conversation that has been widely reported and that Comey describes in his forthcoming book.


One source who spoke to Rosenstein said he seemed fully aware he may soon lose his job and was at peace with the possibility, confident he had done his job with integrity.


Rosenstein has said in recent private conversations that history will prove he did the right thing by firing Comey in May 2017, claiming that the American people do not have all the facts about what led to his decision to write the memo that led to Comey’s dismissal, the sources said.


Those same sources spoke to Rosenstein multiple times over the course of his tenure as the No. 2 attorney at the Justice Department and say Rosenstein now seems less anxious than he has been at previous times when the president has criticized him.


Meanwhile, all of the Republicans in Congress not only hate Trump, but talk terribly behind his back and yet they are afraid of his vile base. But a blue wave is coming!


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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