Fox Rape Channel’s Hannity OUTED After Begging Cohen Not To Reveal That He Was The Infamous “Third Client”

Fox Rape Channel has been allowing shoddy journalism for decades. In fact it has always been a fraud and in the past 2 years, it’s become Trump State TV. But karma is coming!  Soon fans and viewers (morally bankrupt Christians) will learn that Hannity has settled almost as many sexual harassment and assault cases as Bill O’Reilly.

Sean Hannity operates at Fox News with few rules. He seemingly says and does whatever he wants, even when it embarrasses his own colleagues, over and over again.  From George Zimmerman to Cliven Bundy, Hannity is a con and a racist. 

With his high ratings come huge headaches for Fox. Case in point: Monday’s courtroom revelation about Hannity being a client of President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

While his off-air relationships might be just a logical extension of Hannity’s on-air cheerleading for Trump, it still came as a surprise, immediately raising questions about both Hannity and Fox.

By any standards of any normal newsroom, the Cohen-Hannity relationship is a glaring conflict of interest.


Fox is not a normal newsroom. And Hannity’s viewers are not typical news viewers, and people who watch almost any other show would likely feel lied to when they learned something like this had not been disclosed to them, but Hannity’s want him to have this kind of relationship with Trumpworld.


Still, Fox will still have to address these issues. A network spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the matter on Monday.

Monday’s disclosure demonstrates just how tight-knit the pro-Trump media world is. Not only does Hannity advise Trump, not only does Trump promote Hannity’s show, not only does Hannity attack Trump’s critics — Hannity and Trump even share the same lawyer.

Cohen is one kind of Trump protector, Hannity is another kind.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Fox; AP