Box Office Milestone: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Tops $550M Domestic, $1.65B Worldwide

Disney’s Avengers: Infinity War earned around $4.6 million (-44% from last Monday) on its 18TH day of domestic release, pushing the MCU flick to $552.7m. Conventional wisdom states that the film is going to get pounded this weekend by Deadpool 2, and then pounded again by Solo: A Star Wars Story over Memorial Day weekend. Deadpool 2 reviews are mostly positive and the pre-embargo social media chatter for Solo.

Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2 or Solo may well remain the second choice pick for a while.
The film is expected to settle above $2 billion.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Disney/Marvel
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