‘Jerry Springer Show’ Finally Halts Production After 27 Years


The Jerry Springer Show, the tabloid talker that all but defined “guilty pleasure” at its peak in late ’90s, is currently in limbo with no new episodes planned for the foreseeable future.


Staff was informed in April about the murky fate, when the syndicated show didn’t get a pick-up from the station group. The CW swooped in with a deal to air the show, but the order is currently just for repeats. Sources say the network is conisdering an order for more new episodes — but, as of now, staff are looking for new jobs. This comes after making nearly 4,000 episodes bearing such titles as “I’m Sleeping With My Brother,” “Gay Cousins in Love” and “Pregnant Gals and a Mime.”

It’s a blow for low culture enthusiasts and one that speaks plenty to the evolving TV landscape, particularly on daytime. All of Springer’s contemporaries — Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Bill Cunningham, Sally Jessy Raphael — are long gone, save Maury Povich, who was just renewed alongside Springer descendant Steve Wilkos. The competitive playing field now belongs to panel shows and boldface names like Steve Harvey, Dr. Phil and Ellen DeGeneres. Each year sees several hopefuls try to launch something new, but any new success is an exception to the rule.

In the past Springer remained a commodity — scoring a $30 million five-year contract in 2000 and enjoying distribution in nearly every U.S. market.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:  Jerry Springer

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