John Kelly Tells GOP Senators The White House Is “A Miserable Place To Work”

The Trumpanzees are in a cult, if they think the president’s behavior in Quebec over the weekend is acceptable, then they should ask, “Why is it the only people who like Trump are criminals and despots in the world like Bebe Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin?1-johnkelly
White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly called the White House a “miserable place to work.”
“Several high-profile aides, including John F. Kelly…are said to be thinking about how much longer they can stay,” a New York Times report on Sunday noted. “Last week, Mr. Kelly told visiting senators that the White House was ‘a miserable place to work,’ according to a person with direct knowledge of the comment.”
The report goes on to say, based on inside sources, that Kelly is “beaten down.”
Kelly’s influence over President Trump is said to have diminished since he took on the chief of staff role last year.
In fact, the two men have reportedly clashed a number of times including over comments Kelly made in January suggesting that Trump had evolved his thinking about the border wall with Mexico.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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