Meghan McCain Says She Will “Never Forgive Or Forget” Racist Trump’s Attacks On Her Dying Father

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Meghan McCain has said she doesn’t plan to forgive or forget the comments President Trump has made about her father, Arizona Senator John McCain, who is battling brain cancer.

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During a recent interview at the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential library in Austin, she said, “[Trump’s] comments are never going to be OK with me, especially at this moment in my life. I’m never going to forgive it. I’m never going to move on from it.”


Despite the senator’s precarious health, Trump has continued to verbally attack him—namely for giving a deciding “no” vote on the GOP’s effort to overhaul Obamacare.


During a rally in South Carolina this month, the president sad of John McCain: “[H]e campaigned on repealing and replace, we had all the votes, and perhaps he was grandstanding, who knows what he was doing? But you know what? He said, ‘No, no.’ Everybody said, ‘What the hell happened?’ He’s been campaigning for eight years — repeal and replace. And he didn’t do that.”


Trump also ripped him over his “thumbs down” vote at rallies in Nevada and Minnesota.


At one point Meghan McCain responded to a tweet about the president’s characterization of her father, writing, “And it never stops being gross.”


While in Austin, “The View” co-host also pointed out that aide Kelly Sadler failed to publicly apologize for joking about her father’s illness despite promising to do so, adding, “If anyone [at the White House] wants to say anything to me in any way, they have to do it publicly. I don’t take private phone calls from the Trump Administration anymore.”


She was in the city to accept the LBJ Liberty and Justice for All Award on behalf of her father who did not make the event and has also been absent from the Senate.


As for his condition, she remarked, “He’s still doing treatment, and he’s doing the best he can.”


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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