SyFy Channel Cancels ‘Twilight Zone’ Fourth Of July Marathon And Fans Cry Foul

A Facebook group is outraged that the SyFy Channel has decided to ditch its Fourth of July “Twilight Zone” marathon, something they have been featuring for over a decade and for no good reason, that’s it! Christopher John Sorick, who runs the Twilight Zone Fan Page explained to his followers that SyFy had decided not to air the much anticipated series and fans pounced.
As Christopher explained, “Not everyone has the box sets & the main fun is being able to watch with the entire country at the same time. Yes, there are commercials, & yes, parts are cut, but the joy is a communal watch with the rest of the fans at the same time.” 
Fan Tom LaFlamme wrote in response, “I feel the same way you stated I have the box set but I like seeing it live knowing I’m watching with fans.”
“I absolutely agree about the communal viewing with fans across the country. I was actually going to try to follow the schedule using my DVDs so that I could still have the experience,” said jane Kominiak. 
Virginia Plotz-Rodriguez was stunned,  “Why the heck not?????”
Fan of TTZ Lesley Bailey asked, “WHAT?? That has been my tradition for years! What’s next? New Years?”

Well, unless fans blast SyFy by posting on their Facebook page and by on Twitter,  they won’t know how many of us are livid over this hastily-made decision. There are some thing you just don’t cancel. So, no Charlie Brown Christmas anymore, CBS?
Fans, make sure your voice is heard!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Facebook; CBS
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