Sacha Baron Cohen’s Latest Victim Is GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, Some Suspect He’s The Congressman In Mueller’s Indictment


The latest confirmed victim of Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilarity-inducing antics appears to be freshman Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).  That is, according to Gaetz himself.

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Initially contacted about the possibility that Baron-Cohen may have duped him, ahead of the Sunday evening premiere of Who Is America?, the comedian’s new Showtime series, Gaetz told The Daily Beast that he couldn’t recall any such instance.


“You had me racking my brain but not that I’m aware of,” he initially said.


But hours later, Gaetz had a revelation. “They totally got me,” he confirmed.


“I now remember an interview I gave regarding Israel and I now believe that was Sacha Baron Cohen,” Gaetz, a self-described Baron Cohen fan, said in a subsequent phone call.

According to the conservative lawmaker, around the time of the 70th anniversary of Israel’s establishment, a man with short dark hair and heavy makeup had a conversation with him in his congressional office.


Cohen has duped many, from Sarah Palin to Ted Koppel.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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