Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Big Brother’s JC Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Caught On Camera Kissing Tyler While He Slept

Controversy continues on Big Brother. During the live feeds on Tuesday, August 28, houseguest JC Mounduix was spotted lying in bed next to houseguest Tyler Crispen. JC, 28, is spotted rubbing Tyler’s arm, face and chest, then kissing Tyler’s armpit.  Producers for the series on CBS claims they took action on Thursday. Big-Brother-JC-Sexual-Assault-Tyler

Fans of the show immediately took to Twitter to express their outrage about the incident, with some wondering if Tyler, 23, would even know that it had happened. The next morning however, Tyler spoke with Kaycee Clark about his sleep the night before, saying he couldn’t get any rest because of JC.


“I’m sleeping alone tonight, because I slept like s—t last night … JC is not sleeping with me,” Tyler told Kaycee.


“Is it really that bad?” She asked.


He answered, “Yeah.”


“Yeah, because you don’t like even cuddling. He’s actually touching you through the night?” she asked.


“Yep,” Tyler answered. He then explained that JC has a lot of “body heat,” which he also doesn’t like.


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:  Monty Britton/CBS

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