Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

One Injured As Gun Accidentally Discharges In San Francisco Classroom, 4 In Custody

 A 14-year-old freshman accused of bringing a gun to Balboa High School ran away after the gun accidentally discharged in a classroom, according to a source.Hotels+in+San+Francisco+with+a+Golden+Gate+ViewThe student brought the gun to school in his backpack. No students were injured by gunfire, though one girl hurt her back, according to officials.

The student who brought the gun to school turned himself in at the Bayview Police Station Thursday afternoon. His mother took him to the station, which is near his home.Three students are being investigated as possible accessories after the fact. They were detained at Balboa High. ABC7 News reported  there is surveillance video showing the suspect handing those students something as he ran from campus.

A student sent ABC7 News video of a locked down classroom where you can see students on their phones looking for updates. Panicked parents did the same thing trying to reach students.”Now I’m among the ranks of parents who’ve stood outside of police tape outside my child’s school not knowing what is happening or what’s happened to these kids or whether they’re safe,” said parent Moriah Ulinskas.

Freshman Nicholas Yousefi says the gunfire happened in his study hall in the small auditorium. Around 20 students were in the vicinity.

“We hear a loud bang. We look over, there’s a hole in a chair, something on the ground. The teacher gets up, calls security,” said Yousefi. “Everyone comes in and then we go to the next class and then they call the lockdown.”

San Francisco police scoured the high school land nearby elementary and middle schools. All went into lockdown.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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