Fri. May 29th, 2020

Oscar-Winner Casey Affleck Supports The #MeToo Movement, Admits Past Behavior Was ‘Unprofessional’

Academy Award-winning leading man Casey Affleck spoke candidly in a new interview about settling two civil lawsuits in 2010 after being accused of sexual misconduct on the set of his mockumentary I’m Still Here.

“First of all, that I was ever involved in a conflict that resulted in a lawsuit is something that I really regret,” Affleck, 42, told the Associated Press on Thursday, August 9. “I wish I had found a way to resolve things in a different way. I hate that. I had never had any complaints like that made about me before in my life and it was really embarrassing and I didn’t know how to handle it and I didn’t agree with everything, the way I was being described, and the things that were said about me, but I wanted to try to make it right, so we made it right in the way that was asked at the time. And we all agreed to just try to put it behind us and move on with our lives, which I think we deserve to do.”

“[I’m Still Here] was an unprofessional environment and, you know, the buck had to stop with me being one of the producers, and I have to accept responsibility for that and that was a mistake,” he admitted. “I contributed to that unprofessional environment and I tolerated that kind of behavior from other people and I wish that I hadn’t. And I regret a lot of that. I really did not know what I was responsible for as the boss. I don’t even know if I thought of myself as the boss. But I behaved in a way and allowed others to behave in a way that was really unprofessional. And I’m sorry.”


Withdrawing from his presenting responsibility at last year’s Oscars, “I think it was the right thing to do just given everything that was going on in our culture at the moment,” he told the news agency on Thursday. “And having two incredible women [Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence] go present the best actress award felt like the right thing.”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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