Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

‘The Young And The Restless,’ Sony To Be ROCKED By #MeToo Movement, Several Women Considering Lawsuits

There’s a reason Steve Kent was gung-ho for the hiring of Jill Farren Phelps in the past, who was notorious in the Daytime television industry for standing up for men and devouring and destroying women, both on screen, off screen and behind-the-scenes. Now Mal Young is also being accused by several women behind-the-scenes of verbal abuse and other abuses.  And why would  this be okay at CBS’s number one daytime drama? It appears Sony’s Steve Kent, who helms the series and another daytime soap, is also possibly being targeted by several lawsuits by women who work for the soap.  For the past few years at the show, the women who work behind-the-scenes have allegedly been brought to tears, and it’s not just Steve Kent who is being accused, but sources at Sony and CBS tell Highlight Hollywood, “Mal is over his head in this position, and he is not easy to work with as well. And very abusive toward any female writers.”Y&r-logo

The latest return of Josh Griffith to “Y&R” as a writer, is being hailed by insiders as a huge mistake.  Griffith famously has emotional meltdowns when under pressure, sources say. “He obviously knows something on Steve Kent, as he goes around like a merry-go-round back and forth to and from ‘Y&R’ like it’s a circus act,” a source close to Kent tells Highlight Hollywood. “Yes, Sony and CBS are aware that major lawsuits are being prepared in this town and they will be leveled at Steve [Kent] and Mal Young.  A very respected, honorable woman who has worked for the show for years is on her way out, and she is so emotionally traumatized by her alleged treatment, which included alleged sexual harassment as well as verbal abuse, that she feels she can no longer even work in the daytime industry anymore.”YR-Cast-photo

In addition to that lady, a very respected female behind-the-scenes executive also left “Y&R” some time ago, and many around her say that the harassment of women at “Y&R” is really unbearable.  She worked for a longtime soap on the east coast for many years as well as other TV and stage projects, and she could not stand her treatment at the CBS soap any longer. And said it was nothing like her positive experience on the previous soap opera, where she worked for many years.
“A young girl was sexually harassed by an adult actor on the show [“Y&R”] and Steve Kent just did everything he could to cover it up, and protect the reputation of the show by pretending it didn’t happen. This young lady was talked out of filing a lawsuit and they just covered it up as if it didn’t happen,” a source at CBS who works for Les Moonves tells Highlight Hollywood. “What is very sad is that there are still men on the show doing this and getting away with it, because it is also happening at the top, so why wouldn’t anyone feel it’s perfectly acceptable to mistreat women.”Sony_pictures_logo_1_Another Sony source said, “Victoria Rowell’s lawsuit rocked the studio and CBS as well as “Y&R.” “Vicki’s suit was something that had merit and they did everything they could to discredit her, make her look like a crazy woman. That’s how they see women here.  And it has affected everything at ‘Y&R,’ unlike ‘Days of Our Lives,’ which doesn’t put up with such behavior.  The differences between the two productions would blow your mind.  Mal [Young] is Steve’s boy, so he’s allowed to make women cry as well. They do everything from secretly taping writers to have dirt to use against them when they want to fire them, to using African Americans when they are in trouble with the NAACP,  to mistreating virtually every female behind-the-scenes at the show.  But, there are lawsuits coming, at least one to be filed in the next few months and from what I hear, more are coming.  The #MeToo moment is about to explode and it’s not just Les Moonves and Charlie Rose that are going to be exposed.”
A former Sony exec tells Highlight Hollywood, “Sony, and Steve [Kent] especially don’t like women and they target them for harassment.  It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you are a woman here, Steve Kent will target you.  He will try to destroy your career and never give a second thought to it.”
“Sony has a notorious way of brow-beating women during negotiations, then putting the word out that they difficult and emotional.  Who wouldn’t be emotional to be targeted by powerful men at Sony and CBS? And then the soap media knows it is going on, but fears being blacklisted and unable to cover the shows, so they just ignore it, even though they know it’s happening.  They won’t be able to hide and pretend much longer,” a source in Steve Kent’s office tells us.
“Mal’s going to be sued directly in the coming weeks or months. The lady who works for him feels as if she has no alternative, after what she’s endured, she has documented and has witnesses and he wasn’t here long before he learned from Kent what is acceptable and how women can be targeted and treated differently,” a CBS source added.  “Josh Griffith is returning here because he knows where the bodies are buried. Steve Kent can’t stand him, but fears him. All of Kent and Mal Young’s male cronies are allowed to run roughshod all over the women at ‘Y&R’ and Sony and it’s about to come to an end.  People feel emboldened by the #MeToo movement and are not going to tolerate it anymore,” the source concluded.YR29
“Steve Kent got great joy making women cry that work for him,” the second Sony source added.  And when they leave, he runs their reputations down  all over town so they cannot effectively find employment.  But people are tired now. You work in fear but so long. Bullies never know when to cease.  Eventually they are not scary anymore. What else can we lose? Steve Kent even hired his assistant to monitor and get dirt on women behind-the-scenes before he targeted and sometimes even firef them,” a Sony employee said.
It appears Genoa City is boring compared to what is being alleged that is going on at Sony and CBS.  Les Moonves may find himself off the hot seat in this #MeToo movement, but Shari Redstone is on his heels.  Will Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom be the next powerful Los Angeles attorneys leveling charges against CBS and Sony’s bigwigs?  You heard it here, first.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  CBS; Sony
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