New ‘Halloween’ Photos And Trailer Offer A Frightening Return Of Jamie Lee Curtis And Michael Meyers

Both the holiday and the new horror sequel from director David Gordon Green and his co-writer Danny McBride, delivered with an assist from iconic director John Carpenter and original star Jamie Lee Curtis. Today, we have some spooky new photos of the cast.halloweensdcc
This latest Halloween movie wipes away all of the previous sequels, serving as a direct continuation of the original 1978 classic. Laurie Strode has been waiting over 40 years for Michael’s inevitable return, and this time the pistol-packing mama is ready to get revenge.

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Laurie and Michael will come to their final confrontation in this edge-of-your-seat thriller. The movie recently premiered at TIFF to a standing ovation, which Jamie Lee Curtis answered back by screaming, ‘Happy Halloween, Mother F*ckers!’ to the crowd. In this new iteration of the longstanding horror franchise, we get a Laurie who has been haunted by the memory if Michael Myers for years, since she narrowly escaped getting slaughtered by his jumbo sized kitchen knife.

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The film opens on Oct. 19.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Universal Pictures
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