Fri. May 29th, 2020

Trump Plans Phoenix Rally, But Arizona Authorities Not So Excited About Another “High Tension” Event

President Donald Trump has plans to rally in Phoenix, Arizona, but locals and authorities remember the last time he was there and they don’t want a repeat and some are quietly hoping he won’t come at all.  With the midterms around the corner, Trump is looking to rev up his base, but at what cost?

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Anaheim, CA

The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed to Arizona’s Family that it has been notified about an event on Sept. 19, but it did not have any information about a location.


Trump’s last Phoenix rally was held a little more than a year ago at the Phoenix Convention Center. That event ended in a protest that turned chaotic in the streets.



Venue safety expert Steven Adelman says a presidential visit is like the Superbowl of security events.


“For a presidential visit, there is every manor or safety and security that you can imagine and many that really you can’t imagine,” said Adelman..


Adelman says stakes are higher this year compared to last.


“One doesn’t have to take a political position to observe that tensions are higher, security threats frankly have more of a realistic tinge to them now than they did a year and a half or two years ago,” said Adelman.

And he says venues are aware of that.


“God forbid something bad happens in venue x, venue X’s name is going to be dragged through the mud, it’ll become a buzzword for catastrophe,” said Adelman


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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