‘American Horror Story’ Guest Star Stevie Nicks (White Witch) Stole A Pair Of Gloves Off The Set

Beautiful singer, actress Stevie Nicks sure loves fancy gloves.


In an interview with W magazine,  “American Horror Story” costume designers Lou Eyrich and Paula Bradley discussed what it was like working with the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman on the series, and revealed the item she couldn’t help but steal from the show’s wardrobe.


“She’s a dream,” Eyrich enthused. “She’s exactly what you think she would be… The first season, she brought her own clothes in but was extremely willing to work in anything or wear anything, but why would you improve upon perfection?”


Added Bradley of Nicks, “This season, she came in a day before to bring in choices from her own wardrobe. I believe she wore a McQueen jacket. We have an amazing glovemaker named Dorothy Gaspar, and we added those into her room should she want to change her gloves. She didn’t change her gloves, but they did disappear.”


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:  FX

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