Many U.S. Firms in China Planning To Relocate Due To Trump Trade War, But None Returning To US

More than 70 percent of U.S. firms operating in southern China are considering delaying further investment there and moving some or all of their manufacturing to other countries as the trade war bites into profits, a business survey showed on Monday.


U.S. companies operating in China believe they are suffering more from the trade dispute than firms from other countries, according to the poll by the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, which surveyed 219 companies, one-third from the manufacturing sector.


Sixty-four percent of the companies said they were considering relocating production lines to outside of China, but only 1 percent said they had any plans to establish manufacturing bases in North America.


“While more than 70 pct of the U.S. companies are considering delaying or cancelling investment in China, and relocation of some or all manufacturing out of China, only half of their Chinese counterparts share the same consideration,” the AmCham report said.


The trade war is shifting both supply chains and industrial clusters, mostly towards Southeast Asia, the survey found.


U.S. companies reported facing increased competition from rivals in Vietnam, Germany and Japan, while Chinese companies said they were facing growing competition from Vietnam, India, the United States and South Korea.


Customers are slowing down orders or not placing them at all, Harley Seyedin, president of AmCham South China, told Reuters.


Nearly 80 percent of the survey respondents said the tariffs have knocked their businesses, with U.S. tariffs having slightly more impact than the Chinese ones.


Around 85 percent of U.S. companies said they have suffered from the combined tariffs, compared with around 70 percent of their Chinese counterparts. Companies from other countries also reported similar impacts as their American counterparts


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Sony Film Unit Posts $209 Million Quarterly Profit

Sony Pictures posted a profit of $209 million for the July to September quarter, Sony Corp. announced in Tokyo on Tuesday.


Sony’s film unit contributed $209 million (¥23.5 billion) to quarterly earnings, compared to $68 million last year, thanks to the strong global box office of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, which pulled in more than $520 million, and The Equalizer 2, which took around $190 million worldwide, as well as a new accounting standard. Revenue was down 3 percent on the same quarter last year, which was boosted by Spider-Man: Homecoming and Baby Driver.


Venom, which has already passed the half a billion dollar mark at the global box office, was released at the beginning of this month, after the quarter had closed.


Sony raised the full-year revenue forecast for the film division to ¥1,000 billion ($8.88 billion at current exchange rates) and operating profit of ¥50 billion ($444 million).


Overall revenue at Sony Corp. was up 6 percent at $19.58 billion, compared with the same period last year, with earnings up 32 percent to $1.55 billion, thanks to strong performances in the gaming and pictures divisions.


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Accused of Fraud, AGAIN, Trump Sued AGAIN, By Investors in Company He Endorsed on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

President Donald Trump is facing another class action lawsuit for allegedly tricking consumers into investing in companies that he was paid to endorse — including one that was featured twice on The Celebrity Apprentice.


Trump, along with his three oldest children, is being sued for racketeering, unfair competition and fraud, among other claims.


“The Trumps conned each of these victims into giving up hundreds or thousands of dollars — losses that may experienced as devastating and life-altering,” writes attorney Robbie Kaplan in the 164-page complaint. “Surely the Trumps dismissed these amounts (and the lives they wrecked) as trivial. But by defrauding so many for so long, the Trumps made millions.”


At the center of this suit are at least two multi-level marketing companies, ACN Opportunity and The Trump Network, and Business Strategies Group, a company which allegedly promised that attendees of pricey seminars would learn Trump’s “secrets to success.”


According to the complaint, which was filed Monday in New York federal court, Trump used his long-cultivated brand as a successful entrepreneur to “ensnare vulnerable consumers” in these MLM and training scams.


Kaplan claims Trump received secret payments in exchange for misleading consumers into believing that they would have a reasonable probability of success if they invested, that he was endorsing them because he believed in them and that he had personal experience with the investments.


Trump also arranged for ACN appear on a 2009 and 2011 episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, according to the complaint, and claimed the company did “half-a-billion dollars worth of sales a year.”


Lead plaintiff Jane Doe is an anonymous woman who works as a hospice caregiver in California. She claims she was skeptical after attending a 2014 ACN recruitment meeting, but was convinced by Trump’s promotional video for the company and its appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. She paid thousands of dollars in fees and expenses in connection to the business, but only earned $38 through her participation.

An anonymous California resident, referred to as Luke Loe, tells a similar story, claiming he was familiar with Trump because of the reality series and believed him to be “savvy.” He borrowed $499 from a friend to pay the ACN registration fee, and was homeless at the time according to the complaint, and never received any income from the work.


A Maryland man, suing as Richard Roe, says he was convinced to sign up for ACN after seeing a clip from Celebrity Apprentice on YouTube. The fourth lead plaintiff, Mary Moe, also claims Trump’s endorsement convinced her she could make money with ACN.


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Alamo Drafthouse Theaters to Open Later on Election Day So Employees Can Vote

Alamo Drafthouse theaters across the country will cancel the first round of movie showtimes on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and open mid-afternoon so that all of its employees can vote on election day.


“My mom instilled in me at a young age the importance of voting in every election, and I try to pay that forward with the staff at Alamo,” says Tim League, founder and CEO of the progressive Texas-based circuit, which operates 36 cinemas in cities across the country. “So, we’re closing our locations for the first round of shows and offering to pick up the tab on any staff member’s rideshare to a polling place.”

Alamo locations, like other cinemas, usually offer late morning or noon showtimes.


Alamo Drafthouse says at the top of its core priorities is civic participation, including encouraging voter participation in the 27 cities it serves. Those efforts have included a national voter awareness PSA contest, partnerships with civic leaders on non-partisan voter registration campaigns, distribution of “I’m So Gonna Vote” stickers at the box office and, for many employees, actually becoming voter registrars.


The circuit’s social media team also had what’s described as “cheeky” fun on Oct. 8 when announcing in a viral post that Alamo’s “No Talking, No Texting” policy was being put up to a vote.


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Barbra Streisand Couldn’t Care Less If Trump Supporters Don’t Like Her Latest Anti-Trump Music

As its name suggests, Barbra Streisand’s new album Walls will address the openly Democratic singer’s opposition to President Donald Trump head-on. In a new interview with The New York Times, Streisand said that she “probably will turn a lot of people off” with the choice.

Barbra-Streisand- 3

“Truth has always worked for me, so to see the truth defiled every day is very, very painful for me. I only can do what I can do. I probably will turn a lot of people off,” the singer said. “I can only be true to me as an artist and if people like it that’s great, and if they don’t, they don’t have to buy it or listen to it. But me in real life is more important than me as the artist. As a citizen, that’s the role.”


One song from the album, due out Friday, has already been released: “Don’t Lie to Me” directly addresses Trump and falsehoods, while the Times reports that the album’s title track, “Walls,” warns against building the aforementioned edifices “where they shouldn’t be.”


Early in the interview, Streisand discusses what sparked her to address politics in her latest album after steering clear of them for the majority of her career: “I would lie awake at night with Trump’s outrages running through my head, and I had to do another album for Columbia Records, so I thought, why not make an album about what’s on my mind? And that became the title of the first song,” she said.


When asked how she felt about offending Trump fans who like her music, Streisand responded that it “doesn’t matter.” She added that at a recent concert, she asked the audience who were Republicans and several people raised their hands, leading her to conclude that art “transcends” political division.


The singer additionally couldn’t come up with anything “good” Trump has done while in office when asked, but in her response to a later question, Streisand said, “You asked me what I think he’s good at? He’s good at marketing.” She added that his example of leadership makes her fearful for future generations.


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‘Jeopardy’ Will Now Stream on Netflix and Hulu

Producers Sony Pictures Television are making the most (financially) out of Jeopardy.


Netflix announced Monday that it has acquired 45 library episodes of the Alex Trebek-hosted quiz show, which will be available to stream for the first time on the service starting Tuesday. The announcement follows an August deal that Sony Pictures TV made with Hulu for 60 episodes of the syndicated game show.


That pact, Jeopardy‘s first streaming deal, included curated episodes including a Tournament of Champions, a College Championship, a Kids Week and some of the show’s fan-favorite contestants in its rich history.

Sources say Netflix’s 45 episodes are a subset of the 60 that are already available on Hulu, meaning those episodes are now available to stream on both rival platforms.


Both the Hulu and Netflix deals are nonexclusive in the U.S., so Amazon executives, if you’re reading this, the pool is open and water is warm should you want to jump in, too.


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Jenna Dewan Asks for Spousal Support in Channing Tatum Divorce

Jenna Dewan is seeking spousal support from her estranged husband, Channing Tatum  according to the divorce documents filed. Oscars2015-jenna-dewan
Tatum, for his part, is asking for her right to spousal support be terminated, according to the docs filed in Los Angeles on Friday, October 26. The 37-year-old World of Dance host is worth $20 million, while the actor, 38, is worth closer to $50 million, according to
Dewan is also asking for joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Everly, 5, and for her name to be name to be restored after the divorce, per the court filing. The Witches of East End alum also agreed to private meditation to determine the split of their property and assets.
Highlight Hollywood  on Friday that Dewan filed for divorce from Tatum six months after they announced their separation in April via a joint statement.
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Pharrell Williams Warns Trump With Threat Letter for Playing ‘Happy’ After Synagogue Shooting

President Donald Trump on Saturday played Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” at a Midwest rally hours after the Tree of Life congregation shooting in Pittsburgh — and now the artist is expressing his anger over the decision through a cease and desist letter sent by his lawyer.

“On the day of the mass murder of 11 human beings at the hands of a deranged ‘nationalist,’ you played his song ‘Happy’ to a crowd at a political event in Indiana,” writes attorney Howard King in the letter. “There was nothing ‘happy’ about the tragedy inflicted upon our country on Saturday and no permission was granted for your use of this song for this purpose.”
King continues to say Williams has not and will not grant Trump permission to publicly perform or otherwise disseminate his music, and claims the use of “Happy” without his consent constitutes both copyright and trademark infringement.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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L.A. County District Attorney Declines Sex Assault Case Against Sylvester Stallone

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office on Tuesday announced it declined a case of sexual assault filed against Sylvester Stallone.


According to a case document, the female victim claimed she was assaulted by the actor in 1987 and 1990. And while the victim did provide witnesses, none of their versions of events corroborated the claims made, according to the document. That statute of limitations had also passed on the allegations.


Last December, Stallone was accused of sexual assault in a claim made to the Santa Monica Police Department. The actor disputed the claims vehemently.


Santa Monica police filed the case in June.


Previously, the district attorney’s office declined to prosecute sex crime casesagainst actors Kevin Spacey, Anthony Anderson and Steven Seagal, including reasons that the statute of limitations had passed and one reporting party declined to be interviewed by authorities for the case.


The D.A.’s office is still reviewing cases against Harvey Weinstein, whose massive scandal spurred the #MeToo movement within the last year.


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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Casting For Week Of Nov. 5-9, Lots Of Returns And Debuts

Coming up on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” next week.  Casting News for the Week of November 5 – November 9, 2018 include a lot of fan faves, returning, including the Avants.


Anna Maria Horsford returns as “Vivienne Avant” on November 8; Obba Babatundé returns as “Julius Avant” on November 8 and Emmy Award-winner Patrika Darbo returns as “Shirley Spectra” on November 8.


Also, Todd McKee returns as “Jake” on November 8, Danny Woodburn returns as “Ken the IT guy” November 9 and November 12 as well as Keith Carlos returning as “Danny” on November 8.


Meanwhile, Nicholas Palladino and Sierra Paxton portray the “Male and Female Models” on November 8.


“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.


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