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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ SPOILERS – Dec. 3-7, Taylor And Brooke Clash, Trouble Is Brewing

An exciting week so far on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” with a shocking cliffhanger Friday tomorrow and even more shockers for next week, the week of Monday, December 3 and Friday, Dec. 7.  Let’s hope nothing causes any daytime soap interruptions next week.  Liam begins to worry about Dollar Bill’s safety after his latest chat with Taylor, Brooke confronts her and that doesn’t go as planned. Taylor has two men to lean on, and big trouble comes for a surprising character.  Katherine Kelly Lang 056 Final

Monday, December 3                                                                    Episode 7979  

Hope discloses Taylor’s terrible secret to a stunned Brooke.

Liam attempts to convince Bill that Taylor remains a threat to their family’s safety.


Tuesday, December 4                                                                    Episode 7980

Pam reiterates to Donna that she must oust Quinn from Eric’s life.

Brooke angrily confronts Taylor about her past, present and future behavior.


Wednesday, December 5                                                            Episode 7981

Manipulating the situation, Pam distracts Quinn while Donna models for Eric.

Brooke is taken aback when Bill divulges that she’s the reason he didn’t press charges against Taylor.

 Thorsten kaye 028 January 2015

Thursday, December 6                                                                  Episode 7982

Ridge and Brooke disagree about whether Bill or Taylor is the more dangerous than the other.

Reese and Taylor hit it off when they meet at Steffy’s party for her staff.


Friday,  December 7                                                                       Episode 7983                                    

Hope and Liam discuss their intertwined family and Taylor’s stability around the baby.

Taylor leans on Ridge and Steffy in an emotional moment and reveals her deepest fears.

Next week’s casting news is here!

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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