Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Can Now Tour The Studio Lot, Beware Of The Whisperers

The Walking Dead fans can now see these spots and more up-close as Riverwood Studios —where the show is filmed in Senoia, Ga. — will be opening its doors to fans for official tours.


A press release announcing the tour states: “Comprised of 150 acres of land, visitors to The Walking Dead Studio Tour will experience some of the series’ most iconic sets including the Sanctuary (Negan’s lair), Hilltop (the grand antebellum mansion on 3.5 acres of working farmland), Oceanside (the seaside motor court shrouded in secrecy), the Heaps (a.k.a. Jadis’ junkyard), and Alexandria (go behind this 15-foot-high walled community and the last known home to Rick Grimes). The tour highlights additional sacred sites and never-before-seen locations to the fans along the way.”


“For years, the devoted fans of The Walking Dead have been eager to get behind the studio walls and see the unique way this series is made. It’s exciting to now offer a closer look to all who have supported The Walking Dead,” says Tom Luse, the show’s executive producer and general manager of Riverwood Studios, in the press release. “Our cast and crew work tirelessly to bring this series to life. We are extremely grateful to all who make this show possible on and off set. We could think of no better way to say thank you than to share behind the scenes with the public.”


Tours will be offered Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting Dec. 14 and — according to the tour website — through March 31. Presumably the tours will close down then as the crew begins prep for production on season 10, which should begin filming at the start of May. You can head to The Walking Dead Studio Tour website for tickets and more information…


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Gene Page/AMC
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