Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Twitter Removes Over 10,000 Bots Pretending To Be Democrats, Discouraging Voters To Turnout

Thousands of fake Democrats disappeared from the internet after Twitter deleted a batch of bots discouraging voting.


The social media site got rid of more than 10,000 automated accounts, which were posing as Democrats, that “discouraged Democratic men from voting, saying that would drown out the voice of women,” sources told Reuters.

“For the election this year we have established open lines of communication and direct, easy escalation paths for state election officials, DHS and campaign organizations from both major parties,” a spokesperson for Twitter said in a statement to the Daily News.


“Our singular goal is to enforce our policies vigorously and protect conversational health on our service. We removed a series of accounts for engaging in attempts to share disinformation in an automated fashion — a violation of our policies. We stopped this quickly and at its source.”

The bots were deleted in late September and early October at the urging of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has been focused on stopping the spread of misinformation. The DCCC has reportedly developed its own system, with the help of University of Indiana computer researchers, that allows users to identify bots and analyze how and where they spread false messages.


Democratic National Committee’s chief technology officer Raffi Krikorian credited the social media site for taking action.


“We applaud Twitter for taking this step to help ensure that voters get correct and timely information about how to make their voices heard on Election Day,” he said in a statement.


Over the summer, Twitter suspended more than 70 million accounts.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Twitter; AP
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