Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Young And The Restless’ In Turmoil, Mal Young OUT, Josh Griffith To Take The Reigns

CBS and Sony are literally both being run into the ground.  And “The Young and the Restless” is again, it’s latest casualty. All of the public relations and propaganda the past months, in fact, the past few years has been nothing but a smoke screen. The place is run by incompetent people propped up by other incompetents.  young-and-the-restless-spoilers-september-12-16-2016
The only reason “Y&R” is still holding on to the top spot in the Daytime television ratings  is because of the creators Bill and Lee Phillip Bell’s solid work creating the once iconic soap opera.  Every few months there are new shakeups, more fired, new hires and denials from the CBS/Sony brass  that there’s a problem.  “No problem here, folks. Don’t believe anything real journalists write. Believe our fake news outlets.” For example, sites run by fans who have to suck up to people that they don’t even know personally.  So, expect Young to claim he wasn’t fired and decided to retire.  The propaganda machines will be in high-gear on Tuesday.
“After months of misogyny toward cast and crew and production executives as well, the fact that Mal is out is no surprise and few are sorry to see him go,” a Sony source tells Highlight Hollywood.
Adding, “Les Moonves is unable to protect his favorite people over at CBS any longer and more heads will roll.”The Young and the Restless spoilers October
A source at CBS confirmed the news to us, but  warned, “Yes, it’s great news that Mal [Young] is gone, but we are still dealing with untalented people in charge, who are doing nothing but playing games and looking out for family members and cronies.  Seriously, they can’t make a good decision under any circumstances.”
When asked why Josh Griffin has returned, again? A source said, “Steve Kent likes to install his cronies. He and Josh are college buddies. Sadly for ‘Y&R,’ it’s constantly being run by talentless people with no vision, no understanding or respect for the genre. From Tony Morina to Josh Griffith. No matter how many times they fail, they just keep going and Kent continues to protect them. What on earth could Josh know on Steve Kent? He only hires college buddies and people willing to do his bidding. So, goodness knows what will happen to the show now.”
Sony insiders tell us that heads will roll there soon as well.  “Steve Kent can’t continue to be propped up. How he runs things is just despicable and it’s obvious to everyone that it’s about who ‘sucks up’ to him.”
“Angelica McDaniel is no better.  She just goes along with whatever Steve Kent wants, it’s so obvious she’s out of her league.”
Breaking news… more to come…
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  CBS
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